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In-game Updates [6/10/2020]

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Client Updates
-Items Over 30k Can Be Unequipped From The Equipment Interface
-Sprites Added Above Most Stores
-Abyssal Sire Map Is Accessible
-Music Causing The Client To Crash Is Fixed
-Ground Item Text Gets Disabled If Your Cache Doesn't Have The ItemDefinition
-Great Island Of Kourand Maps Entirely Added
-Interface Packet Size Increased To Support Adding More Interfaces Without Overwriting Existing Ones
-Raids Interface Updated
-Custom Texture Support Added

Miscellaneous Updates
-Trivia Questions Can Support Multiple Answers
-Minigame Teleports Interface Is Slightly More Optimized
-Port Sarim Teleported Moved
-Callisto Teleport Moved To Deeper Wilderness
-Demonic Gorilla Teleport Changed
-Achievement Interface Loads Faster
-Deal Damage Achievements No Longer Show Up In The Chat
-Demonic Gorilla Spawns Added

Bug Updates
-New Accounts Unable To Get Past Tutorial Fixed
-Not Being Able To Smith On The Smithing Pet Fixed
-Examining NPC's Not Opening Drop Interface Fixed
-Right Click Options Inside Interfaces Not Working Fixed
-Dagganoth Map Area Fixed
-Unable To Fight Instanced Nex Fixed
-Unable To Claim Vote Scrolls Fixed

Cache Updates
-Cache Folder Updated To Be More Organized
-Raids/Party Interface Sprites

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