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In-game Updates 10/28/2020]

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Bug Updates
-Placing Gems Onto Bolts Giving Too Much XP Fixed
-Firemaking Noted Logs Not Working Fixed
-Jangerberry, Whiteberry, Posion Ivy, Redberry, Cadavaberry, and Dwellberry Not Being Farmable Fixed
-Some Inventory Items Not Being Removed After Raids Fixed
-Raids Sometimes Not Letting You Start Another Match After Backing Out Fixed
-Vorkath Allowing Seperate Instance Teleport Fixed

Client Updates
-Yew Tree Added To Wilderness Skilling Area
-Bag Of Pure Essence Models And Right Click Options
-Item Storage Chest Right Click Options
-Vorkath Pet Added (Item And Model Definitions)
-Dragon/Barrows Cannonball Item Models Added

Item Updates
-Operate Option For 120 Master Cape Boosts Stats

Shop Updates
-Bag Of Pure Essence Added To Beginner Achievement Store

Miscellaneous Updates
-Cooking Teleport Changed
-Food Cooker Added To Edgeville (45% Chance Of Not Burning)
-Buying And Selling Items From The Grand Exchange Leaves A History For All Players
-Completing Raids Gives Dungeoneering Experience And Some Tokens Based On Difficulty And Floor

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