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In-game Updates 9/10/2020]

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Client Updates
-Mushroom Blocking Monkfish In Wilderness Area Removed
-Experience Customizer Interfering With Presets Interface Fixed
-Yew Tree And Thieving Stalls Added To Wilderness Skilling Area
-Construction Interface Updated To Include Toggles

Bug Updates
-Flax And Torstol Skilling Bosses No Longer Drop Random Items
-Runes That Don't Require Pure Essence Not Allowing Noted Essence Fixed
-Firemaking Not Allowing Noted Logs Fixed

Miscellaneous Updates
-You Can Wear And Purchase The 120 Mastery Cape After Prestiging 8 Times In All Skills
-At Prestige 25 You Have A 1/250 Chance To Create A Death Touched Dart While Fletching Darts
-Brawling Gloves Can Be Sold To The Prestige Point Store For 50% Value
-Rotation And Direction Can Be Disabled In The Construction Interface

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