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In-game Updates 8/25/2020]

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Bug Updates
-Superheat Spell Giving Too Many Pets FIxed
-Dragon Ore Taking Too Long To Mine Outside The Skilling Area Fixed
-Only Able To Buy 200k Items At Once Fixed
-Unable To Access Anvil In The Wilderness Skilling Fixed
-Ironmen Can Purchase Items From The Herblore Store While Inside Raids
-Check Option On Crystal Bag Adding To Toolbelt Fixed
-Unable To Mine Copper Inside Wilderness Skilling Area Fixed
-Farming Clue Scroll Location Updated To The New Farming Area
-Spelling Issues For Leeaching Targets Fixed
-Kahlua The Slue Scroll Not Being Tradable Fixed
-Project Mode Giving Some Skills 0 Experience Fixed
-Dungeoneering Not Giving Out Full Armor Sets Fixed
-Make "X" Not Working On Some Fletching Items Fixed
-Normal And Willow Skilling Boss Not Dropping Logs Fixed

Miscellaneous Updates
-Achievement Stores Can Be Viewed Without The Required Number Of Points
-Currency Is Formatted While Viewing Stores
-Outfit Storage Holds Runecrafting Staffs And Outfits
-The Wilderness Skilling Area ZMI Altar Allows 250 Noted Essence To Be Crafted At Once
-Each Time You Prestige You Can Purchase 2 Slayer Tickets Per Day To Claim For Points

Client Updates
-Outfit Storage Interface Extended
-ZMI Altar Added To Wilderness Skilling Area
-Lower Level Fishing Spots Added To Wilderness Skilling Area
-Low Level Trees Added To WIlderness Skilling Area

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