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Trivia Questions For Cash Prizes!!!

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Hey guys here are those trivia questions I've been meaning to post ๐Ÿ™‚ย Basically just answer them to the best of your abilities and the top 3 players with the most correct answers will win some cash prizes ๐Ÿ˜›ย I was planning on doing a pvp tournament originally, but there weren't enough entrants unfortunately. If you guys like this kind of thing or you would like to see some other kind of events hosted for prizes be sure to leave a comment below and I'll do my best to make it happen! Also as a heads up make sure you private message me the answers to these and you don't just comment them down below ๐Ÿ˜‰ย wouldn't want anyone stealing your answers because if it's a tie, then you'll have to split the prize money ๐Ÿ˜ฎย 


1. How much coal can the coal bag hold? (1 Point)
2. Name the requirements in order to create the Perfect Spirit Shield and Zaros Godsword. (1/2 Point For Each Correct Answer)
3. Name the requirements to use the Piety, Rigour, and Augury prayers. (1.5 Points For Each Correct Answer)
4. Name as many different Home locations that have ever been used. (1 Point For Each Correct Answer)
5. Name the 5 different types of player bots. (1/2 A Point For Each Correct Bot)
6. How long does a Construction created sawmill last? (1 Point)
7. At what prestige do you get to choose your own slayer task and how many can you set per day? (1 Point For Each Correct Answer)
8. List the 2 items required for the magma blowpipe. (1 Point Each)
9. Inside the expert achievement store how much are ourg bones? (1 Point)
10. In the "No Consumables" second raids floor, how many bosses do you have to kill if you solo complexity 4? (1 Point)
11. Where does the elder log skilling boss spawn? (1 Point)
12. What player used to be locked in the cages at yanille for bug abusing? (1 Point)
13. Name as many older versions of Project-S as you can. (1 Point For Each Correct Answer)
14. What type of in-game events get sent to the discord? (1/2 Point For Each Correct Answer)
15. When the Easter quest was first created what item was accidentally given out? (1 Point)
16. After the farming update what is the total number of trees that you can plant? (1 Point)
17. How did dungeoneering work when your multiplier didn't get removed when you teleport out? (1 Point)
18. How many gems can the upgraded gem bag hold? (1 Point)
19. What effect does each night-gazer icon have. (1 Point For Each Correct Answer)
20. If you are only wearing the ring of wealth what are the odds of getting a big luck amulet as a drop? (1 Point)
21. What are the odds of getting a boss token while fighting a monster? (1 Point)
22. Name the 5 free-for-all armor types there can be. (1/2 A Point For Each Correct Answer)
23. What is the last weapon in the weapon game minigame? (1 Point)
24. What is the reward for finishing the King's Task Quest? (1 Point For Each Correct Answer)
25. How many zulrah scales can you sacrifice for an item from zulrah's rare drop table? (1 Point)
26. If you do not wish for a player to view your profile or click you in the players online interface what do you do? (1 Point)
27. How many Pet Points do you get for selling Kahlua the Clue Scroll to the Pet Store?
28. What bonuses does the wilderness skilling area give? (1/2 Point For Each Correct Answer)
29. What is the minimum hitpoints/constitution to show up on the npc drop simulator? (1 Point)
30. How many herbs can the herb sack hold and how many of each type? (1 Point For Each Correct Answer)

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