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In-game Updates 7/17/2020]

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Miscellaneous Updates
-At Prestige 10 Firemaking You Can Light Noted Logs
-At Prestige 20 Smithing You Smelt Bars At 2 Ticks
-At Prestige 40 Smithing You Smelt Bars At 1 Tick
-At Prestige 25 Prayer You Can Offer Noted Bones At Altars
-At Prestige 10 Crafting You Can Cut Noted Gems
-You Can Teleport To Your Custom Home From The Quest Tab Menu
-Herb Sack Can Be Added To The Toolbelt
-Skilling Bosses Only Give Items At The End

Client Updates
-Willow And Normal Log Skilling Boss Added
-Dragonian And Barronian Ore Added To Wilderness Skilling Area
-Herb Sack Right Click Options

Shop Updates
-Max Limit For Buying Items Increased To 500k Per Purchase
-You Can Spend More Than 2147m At Once When Purchasing Items

Bug Updates
-Some Master Capes Not Allowing Prestige Benefits Fixed
-Some Skill Capes Not Giving Double XP On Project Mode Fixed
-Selecting Game Modes Showing The Wrong Name Fixed
-Hide And Seek Bot No Longer Moves
-Crystal Bag Check Option Doesn't Try To Add To The Toolbelt
-Prestige Arrow Saving Not Working After Prestige 5 Fixed
-Whirlpool Spawning On Top Of Evil Tree Fixed
-Total Wealth Scoreboard Displaying Wrong Amount Fixed
-Superheat Not Working On Some Ores Fixed

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