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In-game Updates 7/6/2020]

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Cache Updates
-Project Mode Icon
-Farming Map Re-Packed

Bug Updates
-Looting Bag Collecting Items While Inside Bank Fixed
-Objects Inside Wilderness Area Not Clickable Fixed
-Raids Sometimes Not Dropping Rare Items Fixed
-Farming Not Counting Secateurs Fixed
-Some Noted Ores In The Waterfall Zone Not Working Sometimes Fixed
-Instances Removing NPC's Fixed
-Woad Seeds Giving Asgarnian Ale Fixed
-Smithing Bars Automatically Choosing The Lowest Bar Fixed
-Random Events Overwriting Eachother Fixed

Client Updates
-Farming Objects Added
-Farming Items Right Click Options
-Client Settings Save To .txt For Easier Access
-New Packet For Reading Venom Data
-Summoning Obelisk, Copper, Iron, And Mithril Ore Added To Wilderness Skilling Area

Miscellaneous Updates
-Custom Farming System Added
-Master Farmer Can Be Pickpocketed For Tree Seeds
-Venom Added
-Master Farmer Added To Farming Area
-Answering Trivia Or Teleporting Resets The Max Noted For Mining
-Coal Bag Accepts Noted Coal
-Prestige 15 Mining Makes All Ores 1 Tick Faster
-Prestige 25 Mining Makes All Ores 2 Ticks Faster
-Prestige 25 Magic/Smithing Superheat Spell Takes Noted Ores
-Vorkath Base Added (Under Construction : No Drops)

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