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In-game Updates 6/8/2020]

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Combat Updates
-Chinchompa's Show Projectiles For All Monsters Hit

Bug Updates
-Some Monsters Not Respawning Fixed
-Nomad Instance Not Working Sometimes Fixed
-Multiple Bosses Spawning In Instanced Areas Fixed
-Hide & Seek Bot Doesn't Clip Through Walls
-Trading Dupe And Items Disappearing From Trades Fixed
-Aggression Potion Showing 10 Extra Seconds Fixed
-Having Prestige 10 Cooking Preventing Cooking Pet From Being Used Fixed

Miscellaneous Updates
-Wilderness Resource Area Added
-Daggonoth Boss Teleports Updated
-Inside The Wilderness Items Picked Up Automatically Get Placed Into Looting Bag
-Refer A Friend System Added
-Gem Bag, Bonecrushers, And Magic Secateurs Can Be Added To The Toolbelt

Client Updates
-Teleport Interface Extended
-Right Click Options For Gem Bag, Bonecrushers, And Magic Secateurs

Cache Updates
-Wilderness Skilling Map

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