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In-game Updates 5/22/2020]

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Bug Updates
-Barbarian Village Location Interfering With Presets Fixed
-Adamant Bar Finishing Iron Bar Achievement Fixed
-Unable To Smelt Adamant Ore Using Noted Coal Fixed
-Prestige 20 Giving Unlimited Noted Coal Ore Fixed
-Hide & Seek Pet Given To Player Bot Fixed
-Zulrah Spawning At New Boss Instance Area Fixed
-Chaos Elemntal Teleporting You Very Far Fixed
-Instanced Bossing Respawning If You Leave Immediately After Killing one Fixed
-Fastest Raid Scoreboard And Time Played Scoreboards Fixed

Miscellaneous Updates
-Magic Watering Can Auto Waters Farming If Stored On The Toolbelt
-If Your Profile Is Locked You Don't Show Up On The Scoreboard
-Project GameMode Added
-Examining An Item Shows The Price Checker Value
-Death Touched Darts Has A Chance To Be Saved From Range Prestige
-Dagganoth Kings Can Be Seperately Instanced

Client Updates
-Custom Packet For Updating Boss Teleport Interface
-Interfaces Support Clicking Button ID's Over 65535
-Boss Teleport Interface Extended

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