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In-game Updates 5/7/2020]

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Client Updates
-Outfit Storage Item Right Click Options
-Raids Text Slightly Moved Down
-Tooltips Showing "<col=" Fixed

Miscellaneous Updates
-You Can Remove 1 Item At A Time From The Outfit Storage
-100 Of Each Clue Scroll Can Be Stored At Once
-Clue Scrolls Are Dropped Less Commonly
-Skill Guide Added With Missing Armor And Weapons
-Missing Weapons And Armor Added To Skill Guides
-Player Bots Removed From Help Chat
-Player Bots Automatically Log Out If They Detect A Server Error To Prevent Crashing
-In-Game Play Time Scoreboard Updated
-New Hide & Seek Locations/Descriptions Added
-Smithing Skill Cape Coal Effect Added To ::filter
-At 10th Prestige Smithing You Can Smelt Noted Ore

Shop Updates
-Herb Box Added To Skill Point Store

Bug Updates
-Older Players Unable To Have More Than 5 Items Bound Fixed
-Teak Skilling Boss Not Dropping Noted Logs Fixed
-Construction Not Giving Pet, Clues, Skill Points, Or Ironman Points Fixed
-Crafting Hides With "Make X" Option Fixed
-Logging Out At Lumbrdige Cows Teleport You To Edgeville Fixed

Combat Updates
-Death At Treasure Island Can Only Hit You From 6 Squares Away

Item Updates
-Smithable Clawz Given Base Item Value

Cache Updates
-Wilderness Maps Repacked
-Custom Vote Items For April Packed

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