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In-game Updates 4/30/2020]

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Bug Updates
-Hide And Seek Bot Not Updating Button Position Fixed
-Incorrect Trivia Question Fixed
-Skill Guide Allowing Teleports To Trap Area Before 23 Hunter Fixed
-Inferno Adze Being Out Of Order In Toolbelt Fixed
-Teak Log Skilling Boss Dropping Rune Bars Fixed
-Adding More Than 2147m In Trade Causing Coins To Disappear Fixed
-Unable To Attack Barrows Brothers Fixed
-Magma Blowpipe Not Giving Dart Strength Fixed

Item Updates
-Examine And Base Value Given For Complex Key

Cache Updates
-Gambling Area Map

Client Updates
-Shift Dropping Cannot Work While An Interface Is Open
-Rune Bar Right Click Options
-::groundvalue And ::rarevalue Commands Added For Ground Item Names

Miscellaneous Updates
-Gambling Area Defaulted To Falador
-After Reaching Max Dungeoneering Multiplier You Don't Receive Multiplier Messages
-Player Bots Show Up In Clan Chat
-At Prestige 1, 2, And 3 You Can Bind Another Item Inside Dungeoneering
-Dismantling Eels Message Added To ::filter

Donator Updates
-Maximum Dungeoneering Multiplier Increased

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