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In-game Updates 4/28/2020]

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Bug Updates
-99 Lamps Not Setting Current Level After Prestige 5 Fixed
-Some Crossbows Not Showing Correct Weapon Interface Fixed
-Angler Pieces Giving Double Fish Every Time Fixed
-Constructing Magic Trees Giving x10 XP Fixed
-Agliity Achievements Counting Even If You Don't Cross Fixed
-Cleaning Herbs Not Giving Points Inside Raids Fixed
-Hide & Seek Bot Going In Random Spot When Spawning In Fixed
-Blowpipes Not Removing Ammo Sometimes Fixed
-Teak Skilling Boss Not Dropping Logs At The End Fixed
-Unable To Make Bank Booth At Level 99 Construction Fixed
-Raids Floor One Deleting Skill Capes On Exit Fixed

Miscellaneous Updates
-Noted Sacred Eels Can Be Dismantled
-Blowpipe And Magma Blowpipe Use Seperate Darts/Scales
-When Entering The Zulrah Area You Have A Chance To Spawn A Superior
-Items Can Be Removed From The Looting Bag Without Leaving The Wilderness
-Fishing Animation Is More Consistent
-Hide & Seek Bot Randomly Walks Around
-Smelting Bars Inside Raids Gives Points
-Blowpipe/Serpentine Can Be Made With The Chisel On The Toolbelt
-Every Monster In Raids Drops Feathers

Client Updates
-Looting Bag Interface Right Click Options
-Blowpipe/Serpentine Helm Right Click Options

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