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In-game Updates 4/24/2020]

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Bug Updates
-Some NPC's Having Smaller Size Fixed
-Bludgeon Axon/Spine Showing As Cape Fixed
-Trees Still Giving Countdown After Being Cut Down Fixed
-Superheat Spell Not Giving Smithing Experience Fixed
-Unable To Superheat Dragonian/Barronian Ore Fixed
-Inferno Adze Not Going Into Hatchet Spot In Toolbelt Fixed
-Farming Timers Sometimes Not Disappearing Fixed
-Herbal Remedy Graphic And Force Chat Happens Less Often
-Some Bank Booths Not Allowing Grand Exchange Fixed
-Player Bots Not Logging Back In After Being Kicked Fixed

Cache Updates
-Bludgeon Axon/Spine Models
-Varrock Map Repacked

Client Updates
-Fern The Furnace Models
-Teak Log Skilling Boss Models
-Thok (Dungeoneering) Right Click Options

NPC Updates
-Abyssal Sire Respawns Twice As Fast
-Superior Slayer Monsters Give x3 Boss Points

Miscellaneous Updates
-Plank Making Gives Construction Experience
-Prestiging Construction Twice Makes Plank Making 1 Tick
-Prestiging Construction Allows You To Build Another Tree Immediately
-When Lighting Up A Herbal Remedy There Is A Chance For Effects To Last Longer
-Furnace Pet Can Be Earned When Smelting Ores Into Bars
-Chinchompa's Given Barrage Effect (AOE)
-Teak Log Skilling Boss Added
-You Can Wear Skilling Capes Inside Raids 1
-At Prestige 10 You Can Cook Noted Food

Donator Updates
-Noted Sacred Eel Spot Added To Waterfall Zone

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