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In-game Updates 4/16/2020]

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Client Updates
-Add To Toolbelt Right Click Option For Crystal Bag
-Raids/Dungeoneering Icon Moved To Emotes Tab
-Right Click Option For Portable Sawmill
-Construction Interface Extended
-Bagged Teak Item Model
-Teleport Interface Extended
-Gates At Tai Bwo Wanna Removed

Miscellaneous Updates
-Construction Teleport Takes You To Falador
-When Entering Raids/Dungeoneering The Party Tab Is Moved To The Emotes Tab
-When Cutting Noted Logs Or Ores You Have To Bank Every 100 Before Mining Any More
-Portable Sawmill Can Be Inspected To Show Time Remaining
-Tai Bwo Wannai City Teleport Added
-At Prestige 3 Construction You Have A Chance To Instantly Make Planks
-Plank Make Spell In Lunar Spell Book Added

Construction Updates
-When Selecting Your Construction Object You Can Choose The Direction
-If You Have Room To Move Your Character Automatically Moves One Step During Construction
-After Cosmetics Objects Disappear You Can Place Them Back Without Leaving The Area
-Bagged Teak Tree Can Be Built

NPC Updates
-Construction Store Moved To Falador

Bug Updates
-Clue Scrolls Text Improper Usage Of An/A Fixed
-Evil Tree Causing Some Trees Not To Respawn Fixed
-Weapon Game And Free-For-All Sometimes Displaying Graphical Bug Fixed

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