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In-game Updates 3/24/2020]

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Item Updates
-Hell Puppy Bones Give Base Value
-Holy Elixer Value Lowered
-Blessed Spirit Shield Value Increased

Shop Updates
-Hell Puppy Bones Noted In Master Achievement Store
-Investigator Added To Skill Point Store

Bug Updates
-Dragon Clawz Not Having A Spec Fixed
-Skiller GameModes Not Displaying GameMode Name When Reaching Level 99 Or 120 Fixed
-Pest Control Bots Getting Stuck At Home Occassionally Fixed
-Migrating Hosts At Raids Sometimes Resetting Progress Fixed
-Kuradal Spelled Wrong In Some Places Fixed
-Auto Stealing From Stalls Allowing 1 Tick Thieving Fixed
-Attempting To Add Over 2147m In A Trade Causing An Overflow Fixed

Combat Updates
-Uncle Vlad's Bloodlust Can Be Blocked By Protecting Melee
-Poisonous Zulrah Clouds Spawn At Zulrah
-Zulrah Automatically Respawns When Completing It Solo

Cache Updates
-Extreme Skiller Ironman Icon Added

Client Updates
-Icon Around Player Heads Re-Arranged
-Shadow Removed From Non-Fixed Client Clan Chat Messages

Website Updates
-Main Hiscores Table Widened
-Extreme Skiller Ironman Hiscores Added

Miscellaneous Updates
-More Ironman Points Are Earned From Skilling
-PK Bots Added To Edgeville Wilderness
-Mage's Book Removed From Mystery Boxes
-Weapon Accuracy Formulas Adjusted
-Hide And Seek Spawn Times Are Randomized

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