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In-game Updates 3/21/2020]

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Bug Updates
-Loyalty Point Bonus Not Working For Extreme Skiller Ironmen And All-In-One Players Fixed
-Weapon Game Bots Starting Games Without Other Players Fixed
-Godwars Dungeon NPC's Losing Aggression Fixed
-Prestiging Making Prayer Drain Too Fast Fixed
-Piety, Rigour, And Augory Staying Highlighted If You Don't Have Requirements To Use It Fixed
-Prestiging Prayer Causing Unlimited Prayer Fixed
-Needing $1 More Than Required To Hunt Ferret Fixed
-Zulrah Teleport Not Leading To Zul-Andrah Docks Fixed
-Magic Log Skilling Boss Dropped Un-noted Yews Fixed

Miscellaneous Updates
-Hide & Seek Bot Added To Discord game_events
-Fighter Torso Removed From Legendary Boxes
-On Death At Zulrah Your Items Can Be Purchased From The Row Boat At Zul-Andrah

Cache Updates
-Emoji's Added To Sprites Directory
-Edited Vorkath Map Packed
-Vorkath Model

Drop Updates
-Nex Drops Virtus Wand

Client Updates
-:pepega: Emoji
-:kappa: Emoji
-:pogchamp: Emoji
-:fmg: Emoji
-All Skeletons Wearing Party Hats On The Ground Removed
-Zulrah Row Boat Right Click Options
-Vorkath Definitions
-Boss Teleport Interface Extended
-Virtus Wand Definitions

Item Updates
-Drygore Default Value Increased

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