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In-game Updates 3/19/2020]

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Bug Updates
-Requesting Assistance Doesn't Count Towards HP, Prayer, Or Summoning
-Walkable Interfaces Overlapping With Tutorial Dialogue Fixed
-Hide And Seek Bot Not Showing Outfit Fixed
-New Players Trade Screen Interrupting The Tutorial Fixed
-Defensive Casting For Magic Spells Not Giving Defence Experience Fixed

Miscellaneous Updates
-Zulrah Teleport Takes You To Zul-andrah Docks
-::prestige/prestiging Commmands Added To Open Prestige Guide
-Host Migration Added To Raids Parties Greater Than 1
-Hide & Seek In Player Panel Is Clickable For Some Direction

Weapon Game Updates
-Weapon Game Completely Re-written (More Stable)
-New Weapons Added
-Weapon Game Bots Added

Client Updates
-Zul-andrah Objects Removed And Row Boat Right Click
-Cut Option Removed From Evil Tree Kindling

Shop Updates
-Looting Bag Added To Boss Point Store

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