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In-game Updates 3/15/2020]

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Client Updates
-Some Buttons On Boss Teleport Interface Not Displaying NPC Fixed
-Crafting NPC Right Click Options
-GameMode Interface Extended
-Bind Option Removed From Dragon/Crystal Arrows
-Dungeoneering Specific Dragon/Crystal Arrows Item Definitions
-Crystal Arrow Model Fixed

Cache Updates
-Extreme Skiller Ironman Sprite Added

Bug Updates
-Minigame Interface Not Resetting To First Minigame Upon Opening Fixed
-Add And Ignore Buttons Inside ::players Interface Not Working Fixed
-Raid Completions Showing 1 Number Less Fixed
-Cooking Seaweed Mentioning Running Out Of Fish Fixed
-Magic Tab Not Being Sent Back When Charging Orbs Fixed
-Charging Orbs Not Giving Magic Experience Fixed

NPC Updates
-The Pickpocketable Gem Trade No Longer Moves

Item Updates
-All Cannonballs Default Values Increased

Drop Updates
-Experiments Drop More Items

Shop Updates
-Battlestaff Added To Ironman General Store
-Cannonballs Added To Ranged Ammunition Store

Miscellaneous Updates
-Lottery/Big Lottery Only Require 2 Entrants For It To Be Pulled
-Noted Hides Can Be Tanned At The Crafting NPC
-Extreme Skiller Ironman GameMode Added
-Adding Orbs To Battlestaffs Is Automatic
-Cursor Customizer Moved To Tools/Adjustables Quest Tab
-Extreme/Skiller Ironmen Receive More Ironman Points From Skilling

Website Hiscores Updates
-All-In-One, Hardcore Ironmen, And De-Ironed Players Keep Their Old Position

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