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  1. Haha thanks, trying to get into a c6 z06 here soon or a lotus evora
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    When using the view profile of another player, it shows you in the character section instead of the said person. Not the stats or anything else, just the character itself.
  3. Helloooo Singularis! I guess I'll just dive right in. My name's John, but in the virtual world I go by Revolant. Here's some facts about me: I'm 25 years old, soon to be 26, married, and live in the US (Arizona to be exact!). Recently I left the Navy after 5 years to pursue some personal goals in life. Currently own a performance/retail business where I sell aftermarket parts and do installs for performance cars. Have owned multiple private servers over my years, and have been a dev/assisted on many others. I find coding relaxing and a great time killer. Currently in school for business finance with a minor in small business management. If you have any questions, about anything, I've probably experienced it, so feel free to shoot away. ps. Here's my current project/shop car for the gearheads in here.
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