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    Cache Updates -Project Mode Icon -Farming Map Re-Packed Bug Updates -Looting Bag Collecting Items While Inside Bank Fixed -Objects Inside Wilderness Area Not Clickable Fixed -Raids Sometimes Not Dropping Rare Items Fixed -Farming Not Counting Secateurs Fixed -Some Noted Ores In The Waterfall Zone Not Working Sometimes Fixed -Instances Removing NPC's Fixed -Woad Seeds Giving Asgarnian Ale Fixed -Smithing Bars Automatically Choosing The Lowest Bar Fixed -Random Events Overwriting Eachother Fixed Client Updates -Farming Objects Added -Farming Items Right Click Options -Client Settings Save To .txt For Easier Access -New Packet For Reading Venom Data -Summoning Obelisk, Copper, Iron, And Mithril Ore Added To Wilderness Skilling Area Miscellaneous Updates -Custom Farming System Added -Master Farmer Can Be Pickpocketed For Tree Seeds -Venom Added -Master Farmer Added To Farming Area -Answering Trivia Or Teleporting Resets The Max Noted For Mining -Coal Bag Accepts Noted Coal -Prestige 15 Mining Makes All Ores 1 Tick Faster -Prestige 25 Mining Makes All Ores 2 Ticks Faster -Prestige 25 Magic/Smithing Superheat Spell Takes Noted Ores -Vorkath Base Added (Under Construction : No Drops)
  2. Combat Updates -Chinchompa's Show Projectiles For All Monsters Hit Bug Updates -Some Monsters Not Respawning Fixed -Nomad Instance Not Working Sometimes Fixed -Multiple Bosses Spawning In Instanced Areas Fixed -Hide & Seek Bot Doesn't Clip Through Walls -Trading Dupe And Items Disappearing From Trades Fixed -Aggression Potion Showing 10 Extra Seconds Fixed -Having Prestige 10 Cooking Preventing Cooking Pet From Being Used Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Wilderness Resource Area Added -Daggonoth Boss Teleports Updated -Inside The Wilderness Items Picked Up Automatically Get Placed Into Looting Bag -Refer A Friend System Added -Gem Bag, Bonecrushers, And Magic Secateurs Can Be Added To The Toolbelt Client Updates -Teleport Interface Extended -Right Click Options For Gem Bag, Bonecrushers, And Magic Secateurs Cache Updates -Wilderness Skilling Map
  3. Bug Updates -Barbarian Village Location Interfering With Presets Fixed -Adamant Bar Finishing Iron Bar Achievement Fixed -Unable To Smelt Adamant Ore Using Noted Coal Fixed -Prestige 20 Giving Unlimited Noted Coal Ore Fixed -Hide & Seek Pet Given To Player Bot Fixed -Zulrah Spawning At New Boss Instance Area Fixed -Chaos Elemntal Teleporting You Very Far Fixed -Instanced Bossing Respawning If You Leave Immediately After Killing one Fixed -Fastest Raid Scoreboard And Time Played Scoreboards Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Magic Watering Can Auto Waters Farming If Stored On The Toolbelt -If Your Profile Is Locked You Don't Show Up On The Scoreboard -Project GameMode Added -Examining An Item Shows The Price Checker Value -Death Touched Darts Has A Chance To Be Saved From Range Prestige -Dagganoth Kings Can Be Seperately Instanced Client Updates -Custom Packet For Updating Boss Teleport Interface -Interfaces Support Clicking Button ID's Over 65535 -Boss Teleport Interface Extended
  4. Client Updates -Outfit Storage Item Right Click Options -Raids Text Slightly Moved Down -Tooltips Showing "<col=" Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -You Can Remove 1 Item At A Time From The Outfit Storage -100 Of Each Clue Scroll Can Be Stored At Once -Clue Scrolls Are Dropped Less Commonly -Skill Guide Added With Missing Armor And Weapons -Missing Weapons And Armor Added To Skill Guides -Player Bots Removed From Help Chat -Player Bots Automatically Log Out If They Detect A Server Error To Prevent Crashing -In-Game Play Time Scoreboard Updated -New Hide & Seek Locations/Descriptions Added -Smithing Skill Cape Coal Effect Added To ::filter -At 10th Prestige Smithing You Can Smelt Noted Ore Shop Updates -Herb Box Added To Skill Point Store Bug Updates -Older Players Unable To Have More Than 5 Items Bound Fixed -Teak Skilling Boss Not Dropping Noted Logs Fixed -Construction Not Giving Pet, Clues, Skill Points, Or Ironman Points Fixed -Crafting Hides With "Make X" Option Fixed -Logging Out At Lumbrdige Cows Teleport You To Edgeville Fixed Combat Updates -Death At Treasure Island Can Only Hit You From 6 Squares Away Item Updates -Smithable Clawz Given Base Item Value Cache Updates -Wilderness Maps Repacked -Custom Vote Items For April Packed
  5. If you are top 10 come see me in-game for a reward Kuradal - Hours: 244 - Minutes: 55 - Seconds: 10 Animosity - Hours: 185 - Minutes: 36 - Seconds: 32 Chris - Hours: 181 - Minutes: 57 - Seconds: 34 Speedy - Hours: 154 - Minutes: 53 - Seconds: 27 G - Hours: 153 - Minutes: 40 - Seconds: 3 Gnomic - Hours: 150 - Minutes: 59 - Seconds: 4 Manund - Hours: 134 - Minutes: 32 - Seconds: 49 Iron Man - Hours: 128 - Minutes: 41 - Seconds: 8 Morty - Hours: 114 - Minutes: 53 - Seconds: 4 Realy - Hours: 112 - Minutes: 4 - Seconds: 51 Chris Bank - Hours: 94 - Minutes: 0 - Seconds: 48 Miniflow - Hours: 93 - Minutes: 29 - Seconds: 39 Extreme - Hours: 90 - Minutes: 54 - Seconds: 57 Dalton - Hours: 85 - Minutes: 8 - Seconds: 22 Killkeck - Hours: 84 - Minutes: 52 - Seconds: 6 Sup - Hours: 80 - Minutes: 28 - Seconds: 19 Calmblitz - Hours: 78 - Minutes: 13 - Seconds: 44 Ext Toady - Hours: 59 - Minutes: 21 - Seconds: 46 Sky - Hours: 56 - Minutes: 0 - Seconds: 6 Kreios - Hours: 55 - Minutes: 18 - Seconds: 40 Page - Hours: 54 - Minutes: 8 - Seconds: 28 Psymon - Hours: 47 - Minutes: 46 - Seconds: 22 Iron Queen - Hours: 46 - Minutes: 11 - Seconds: 41 Atmf - Hours: 45 - Minutes: 40 - Seconds: 25 Grant - Hours: 42 - Minutes: 33 - Seconds: 5 Shlong - Hours: 42 - Minutes: 27 - Seconds: 59 Silentzwickd - Hours: 34 - Minutes: 43 - Seconds: 10 Worn Sword - Hours: 30 - Minutes: 51 - Seconds: 26 Tom - Hours: 28 - Minutes: 27 - Seconds: 3 Hades - Hours: 26 - Minutes: 56 - Seconds: 32 Suchy - Hours: 26 - Minutes: 51 - Seconds: 4 Pure Exp - Hours: 26 - Minutes: 46 - Seconds: 57 Kieran - Hours: 23 - Minutes: 42 - Seconds: 23 Zekage2 - Hours: 22 - Minutes: 43 - Seconds: 36 Rasmus Koch - Hours: 21 - Minutes: 47 - Seconds: 42 Vox - Hours: 20 - Minutes: 52 - Seconds: 23 Jacob - Hours: 17 - Minutes: 6 - Seconds: 34 Logiic - Hours: 13 - Minutes: 34 - Seconds: 13 Testytester - Hours: 12 - Minutes: 7 - Seconds: 25 Stink - Hours: 11 - Minutes: 4 - Seconds: 21 Skills - Hours: 10 - Minutes: 51 - Seconds: 15 Jester - Hours: 10 - Minutes: 24 - Seconds: 59
  6. Bug Updates -Puro Puro Having Level Required Instead Of Trap Area Fixed -Inventory/Equipment Getting Cleared Entering And Leaving Raids Fixed -Claws Allowing To Equip Before Attack Level Fixed -Staff Of The Dead Charges Not Saving On Logout Fixed -Toxic Staff Of The Dead Not Having Weapon Interface Fixed Client Updates -Hide & Seek Pet Models -One Click Attacking Added To Settings Interface Cache Updates -Taverly Map Repacked Miscellaneous Updates -Hide & Seek Pet Added -Experience Lamps Can Be Used On Construction -Pet Store Added To Home -Fletching Gives Points Inside Raids -At Prestige 10 You Can Smith Noted Bars -Some Missing Items Added To Attack, Ranged, And Strength Skill Guides Shop Updates -Pet Points And Pet Point Store Added
  7. Bug Updates -Hide And Seek Bot Not Updating Button Position Fixed -Incorrect Trivia Question Fixed -Skill Guide Allowing Teleports To Trap Area Before 23 Hunter Fixed -Inferno Adze Being Out Of Order In Toolbelt Fixed -Teak Log Skilling Boss Dropping Rune Bars Fixed -Adding More Than 2147m In Trade Causing Coins To Disappear Fixed -Unable To Attack Barrows Brothers Fixed -Magma Blowpipe Not Giving Dart Strength Fixed Item Updates -Examine And Base Value Given For Complex Key Cache Updates -Gambling Area Map Client Updates -Shift Dropping Cannot Work While An Interface Is Open -Rune Bar Right Click Options -::groundvalue And ::rarevalue Commands Added For Ground Item Names Miscellaneous Updates -Gambling Area Defaulted To Falador -After Reaching Max Dungeoneering Multiplier You Don't Receive Multiplier Messages -Player Bots Show Up In Clan Chat -At Prestige 1, 2, And 3 You Can Bind Another Item Inside Dungeoneering -Dismantling Eels Message Added To ::filter Donator Updates -Maximum Dungeoneering Multiplier Increased
  8. Bug Updates -99 Lamps Not Setting Current Level After Prestige 5 Fixed -Some Crossbows Not Showing Correct Weapon Interface Fixed -Angler Pieces Giving Double Fish Every Time Fixed -Constructing Magic Trees Giving x10 XP Fixed -Agliity Achievements Counting Even If You Don't Cross Fixed -Cleaning Herbs Not Giving Points Inside Raids Fixed -Hide & Seek Bot Going In Random Spot When Spawning In Fixed -Blowpipes Not Removing Ammo Sometimes Fixed -Teak Skilling Boss Not Dropping Logs At The End Fixed -Unable To Make Bank Booth At Level 99 Construction Fixed -Raids Floor One Deleting Skill Capes On Exit Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Noted Sacred Eels Can Be Dismantled -Blowpipe And Magma Blowpipe Use Seperate Darts/Scales -When Entering The Zulrah Area You Have A Chance To Spawn A Superior -Items Can Be Removed From The Looting Bag Without Leaving The Wilderness -Fishing Animation Is More Consistent -Hide & Seek Bot Randomly Walks Around -Smelting Bars Inside Raids Gives Points -Blowpipe/Serpentine Can Be Made With The Chisel On The Toolbelt -Every Monster In Raids Drops Feathers Client Updates -Looting Bag Interface Right Click Options -Blowpipe/Serpentine Helm Right Click Options
  9. Bug Updates -Some NPC's Having Smaller Size Fixed -Bludgeon Axon/Spine Showing As Cape Fixed -Trees Still Giving Countdown After Being Cut Down Fixed -Superheat Spell Not Giving Smithing Experience Fixed -Unable To Superheat Dragonian/Barronian Ore Fixed -Inferno Adze Not Going Into Hatchet Spot In Toolbelt Fixed -Farming Timers Sometimes Not Disappearing Fixed -Herbal Remedy Graphic And Force Chat Happens Less Often -Some Bank Booths Not Allowing Grand Exchange Fixed -Player Bots Not Logging Back In After Being Kicked Fixed Cache Updates -Bludgeon Axon/Spine Models -Varrock Map Repacked Client Updates -Fern The Furnace Models -Teak Log Skilling Boss Models -Thok (Dungeoneering) Right Click Options NPC Updates -Abyssal Sire Respawns Twice As Fast -Superior Slayer Monsters Give x3 Boss Points Miscellaneous Updates -Plank Making Gives Construction Experience -Prestiging Construction Twice Makes Plank Making 1 Tick -Prestiging Construction Allows You To Build Another Tree Immediately -When Lighting Up A Herbal Remedy There Is A Chance For Effects To Last Longer -Furnace Pet Can Be Earned When Smelting Ores Into Bars -Chinchompa's Given Barrage Effect (AOE) -Teak Log Skilling Boss Added -You Can Wear Skilling Capes Inside Raids 1 -At Prestige 10 You Can Cook Noted Food Donator Updates -Noted Sacred Eel Spot Added To Waterfall Zone
  10. Client Updates -Effect Timers Overflow Fixed -Brawling Glove Models -Construction Pet Models -Corporeal Beast And Chaos Elemental Out Of Order In Pet Interface Fixed Item Updates -You Can Equip Slayer Items At Level 1 After You Prestige -Brawling Gloves Given Base Value Miscellaneous Updates -After Prestiging Slayer You Receive Monsters From Higher Levels At Level 1 -Scroll Of Life Extra Harvest Message Added To ::filter/ Game Filter -Tangleroot Pet Gives Double Harvests From Farming -Construction Pet Added -Player Bots No Longer Attack You If You're Already Being Attacked -Every Prestige Towards Magic And Smithing Allows You To Superheat One More Item -Power Saw Sends A Message To The Owner Every 30 Seconds -When Construction Objects You Can Choose The Objects Rotation Bug Updates -Warriors Guild Not Updating Defender Text After Killing Fixed Shop Updates -Brawling Gloves Added To Prestige Store -Bagged Trees Added To Ironman General Store
  11. Client Updates -Add To Toolbelt Right Click Option For Crystal Bag -Raids/Dungeoneering Icon Moved To Emotes Tab -Right Click Option For Portable Sawmill -Construction Interface Extended -Bagged Teak Item Model -Teleport Interface Extended -Gates At Tai Bwo Wanna Removed Miscellaneous Updates -Construction Teleport Takes You To Falador -When Entering Raids/Dungeoneering The Party Tab Is Moved To The Emotes Tab -When Cutting Noted Logs Or Ores You Have To Bank Every 100 Before Mining Any More -Portable Sawmill Can Be Inspected To Show Time Remaining -Tai Bwo Wannai City Teleport Added -At Prestige 3 Construction You Have A Chance To Instantly Make Planks -Plank Make Spell In Lunar Spell Book Added Construction Updates -When Selecting Your Construction Object You Can Choose The Direction -If You Have Room To Move Your Character Automatically Moves One Step During Construction -After Cosmetics Objects Disappear You Can Place Them Back Without Leaving The Area -Bagged Teak Tree Can Be Built NPC Updates -Construction Store Moved To Falador Bug Updates -Clue Scrolls Text Improper Usage Of An/A Fixed -Evil Tree Causing Some Trees Not To Respawn Fixed -Weapon Game And Free-For-All Sometimes Displaying Graphical Bug Fixed
  12. Bug Updates -Adamant Kiteshield (t) Spawning As Picture Fixed -Death Darts Giving Double Kills Towards Wildywyrm Fixed -Zulrah Fastest Times Scoreboard Not Showing Accurately Fixed -Ability To Claim Daily Rewards Without Voting Fixed Client Updates -Inferno Adze Right Click Option -Construction Level Up Interface -Construction Interface Extended -Custom Construction Packet -Plank Making Spell Button Leads To Inventory Miscellaneous Updates -Achievements Display Current Progress (Game Filter/::filter) -Fishing Spot Added To Dungeoneering -Construction Skill Released (Suggest More To Be Built) Drop Updates -More Monsters Drop Planks And Logs Donator Updates -Double Donator Points Removed
  13. Miscellaneous Updates -Player Bots Use A More Stable Task System -Saw Can Be Added To The Toolbelt -Terror Dogs Give Boss Points -Death Darts Give The Total Experience When Dealing Damage -Completing Raid Dungeons Gives Some Dungeoneering Experience -Sacred Eels Can Be Fished At Zul-an-drah And Dismantled For Zulrah Scales -Alching Magic Prestige Works On Stackable And Noted Items -When An Item In The Player Owned Shop Sells A Description Is Given -Event Filter To Prevent Most World Messages Added To Tools Quest Panel Client Updates -Saw Right Click Options -Torstol Boss Size Decreased -Sacred Eel Item And Fish Models -Fishing Icons Added To Zul-an-drah -:pogchamp: Emoji Can Be Used Cache Updates -PogChamp Emoji Shop Updates -Real Estate Agent (Construction Store) Added To Home -Crystal Arrows Cost Less In Ironman Point Store Bug Updates -Kills Tracker Sometimes Causing DC Fixed -Some Pest Control Bots Staying At Home Fixed -Donator Store Not Allowing To Claim If Name Has Spaces Fixed -Skilling Bosses Giving Woodcutting Instead Of Firemaking Experience Fixed -Virtus Wand Not Announcing Globally Fixed -Skilling Boss Not Mentioning Specific Skill Required Fixed -Inability To Trade Outside Dungeoneering Fixed -PK Bots Food Not Running Out Fixed -Weapon Game Bots Starting On Their Own After Playing One Game Fixed -Raids Ladder At The End Of Floor One Acting As Reward Chest Fixed Drop Updates -Dragon Pickaxe Added To Venenatis
  14. Miscellaneous Updates -Max Experience Bonus Increased To 450% -Alching Items With Magic Prestige Gives Experience As Well -Platinum Tokens Can Be Gambled -Crystal Bag Can Be Added To The Toolbelt And Max Capacity Increased To 28 -Crystal Bag Automatically Picks Up Keys When In The Toolbelt Or Inventory -New Skilling Boss Locations/Descriptions -Prestiging Skills No Longer Increases The Rate At Which Lowered Stats Increase Bug Updates -Full Slayer Slayer Task Kills Remaining Not Displaying Fixed -Trading Interface Not Allowing "Trade X" Fixed -Imbued Hearts Not Showing As A Global Drop Fixed -Purple Gem Rocks Not Working Fixed -Game Filter Button Being Backwards In Quest Tab Fixed -Prestiging Combat Skills Draining Stats Instead Of Increasing Them Fixed -Herblore Prestige Benefit Not Counting For Holy Overloads Fixed -Overload Timer Not Resetting When Entering The Wilderness Fixed -Offers Greater Than 1B In Player Owned Shops Not Formatting Fixed -Minigame Collection Log Displaying Wrong Pest Control/Graveyard Wins Fixed -Creating Flasks Always Giving (4) Fixed -Items Sold Over 2147m Deleting Extra Cash Fixed -Staff Of The Dead Not Announcing Globally Fixed -Magic Strength Bonus Not Counting Sometimes Fixed -Adamant (t), Adamant (g), Black (t) And Black (g) Added To Outfit Storage Item Updates -Ghrazi Rapier Default Price Increased Drop Updates -Colored Dragon Boots Added To Giant Mole Combat Updates -Uncle Vlads Max Hit Lowered Client Updates -Nex Pet Combat Level Adjusted -Custom Packet For Enter Amount Dialogues Going Over 2147m -Items 351 And 352 Not Displaying Inside Bank Tabs Fixed -120 Master Cape No Longer Glitches Through When Wearing Certain Items -T Staff Boss Renamed To Dalton -New Row Boat At Zulrandrah Docks
  15. Bug Updates -Flax Skilling Boss Spawning As Torstol Boss Fixed -Ability To Claim Daily Rewards Earlier Than 24 Hours Fixed -Shantay Pass Not Allowing You To Move Through Fixed -Monkfish Whirlpool Not Working Fixed -Safe Spot At Wilderness Altar And Other Spots Fixed -Celestial Staff Being 1 Handed Fixed -Bandit's Losing Aggression Fixed Client Updates -Positioning Of Inventory Items Inside Player Owned Shop Interface Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Eating Food Increased By 200ms -Lobster Whirlpool Added -After You Prestige A Skill 5 Times 99 Lamps Give 13.4m Experience -Uncut Onyx, Black, Adamant, And Rune (t) And (g) Pieces Added To The Crystal Chest Shop Updates -Crystal Arrows Lowered In Ironman Point Store -Bow Of Flames And Zaryte Bow Increased In Achievement Store -Spirit Shields Added To Expert Achievement Store -Uncut Onyx, Crystal Keys, Pet Boxes, And Vote Boxes Added To Donator Store Combat Updates -Monsters Over 500/5k Hitpoints No Longer Lose Aggression Over Time -Overloads Increase Your Stats Every 2 Ticks Instead Of 30 Ticks -Staff Bosses Max Hit And Attack Bonus Drop Updates -KBD Drops 1 Dragon Bar Instead Of 1 Dragonian Ore -Wilderness Rings Added To Wildywyrm Drops Website Updates -Hiscores Scaling To 120 Stats For Level Calculations Fixed
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