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  1. Bug Updates -PK Bots Attempting To Use The Wrong Prayer Fixed -PK Bots Counting Towards Total Players In Wilderness Fixed -Unequippable Dung Items Not Being Added To The Inventory Fixed -Gambling Interface Setting Items Scroll Bar At The Bottom Fixed -Price Checker Not Showing Green Text For Over 10m Fixed -Bots Not Respawning After Getting Disconnected Fixed Client Updates -Stat Adjustments Removed From Curses Interface -Torment And Anguish Added To Curses Interface -Third/Fourth Click Options For Objects Fixed -Player Owned Shops Redesigned -Achievements Interface Adjusted -Toolbelt Interface Extended And Use/Remove Options Added -Charming Imp, Herbicide, And Seedicide Right Click Options -Vote Box Definitions -Mystery Box Interface Adjusted -The Spec Orb Is Only Clickable On Fixed Screen On The Actual Orb -Dexterous/Arcane Prayer Scroll Definitions Drop Updates -Occult Necklace Is Slightly More Common -Handcannon And Dragon Pickaxe Are Slightly More Common From Chaos Dwogres Shop Updates -Donator Scrolls Lowered In Vote Point Store -Demented Spirit Shield Added To Master Achievement Store Miscellaneous Updates -Rare Exclusives From Raids Floor 1 Are More Common -Grand Exchange Is Functional -Gambling Interface Re-Enabled -Items From The Toolbelt Can Be Removed -Spade, Charmping Imp, Seedicide, And Herbicide Can Be Added To The Toolbelt -Voting Has A Chance To Give A Vote Box -Dexterous/Arcane Prayer Scrolls Added To Raid 1 Rewards -Rigour And Augury Prayers Require Dexterous/Arcane Prayer Scrolls To Be Read Before Activation -Rag And Bone Man Gives 2 Experience Lamps -When A Skilling Boss Spawns A Global Message Is Sent In-game And On The Discord Bot Cache Updates -Torment And Anguish Sprites -Player Owned Shops Sprites -Camelot Map Repacked -Dexterous/Arcane Prayer Scroll Models
  2. Item Updates -Hell Puppy Bones Give Base Value -Holy Elixer Value Lowered -Blessed Spirit Shield Value Increased Shop Updates -Hell Puppy Bones Noted In Master Achievement Store -Investigator Added To Skill Point Store Bug Updates -Dragon Clawz Not Having A Spec Fixed -Skiller GameModes Not Displaying GameMode Name When Reaching Level 99 Or 120 Fixed -Pest Control Bots Getting Stuck At Home Occassionally Fixed -Migrating Hosts At Raids Sometimes Resetting Progress Fixed -Kuradal Spelled Wrong In Some Places Fixed -Auto Stealing From Stalls Allowing 1 Tick Thieving Fixed -Attempting To Add Over 2147m In A Trade Causing An Overflow Fixed Combat Updates -Uncle Vlad's Bloodlust Can Be Blocked By Protecting Melee -Poisonous Zulrah Clouds Spawn At Zulrah -Zulrah Automatically Respawns When Completing It Solo Cache Updates -Extreme Skiller Ironman Icon Added Client Updates -Icon Around Player Heads Re-Arranged -Shadow Removed From Non-Fixed Client Clan Chat Messages Website Updates -Main Hiscores Table Widened -Extreme Skiller Ironman Hiscores Added Miscellaneous Updates -More Ironman Points Are Earned From Skilling -PK Bots Added To Edgeville Wilderness -Mage's Book Removed From Mystery Boxes -Weapon Accuracy Formulas Adjusted -Hide And Seek Spawn Times Are Randomized
  3. Bug Updates -Loyalty Point Bonus Not Working For Extreme Skiller Ironmen And All-In-One Players Fixed -Weapon Game Bots Starting Games Without Other Players Fixed -Godwars Dungeon NPC's Losing Aggression Fixed -Prestiging Making Prayer Drain Too Fast Fixed -Piety, Rigour, And Augory Staying Highlighted If You Don't Have Requirements To Use It Fixed -Prestiging Prayer Causing Unlimited Prayer Fixed -Needing $1 More Than Required To Hunt Ferret Fixed -Zulrah Teleport Not Leading To Zul-Andrah Docks Fixed -Magic Log Skilling Boss Dropped Un-noted Yews Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Hide & Seek Bot Added To Discord game_events -Fighter Torso Removed From Legendary Boxes -On Death At Zulrah Your Items Can Be Purchased From The Row Boat At Zul-Andrah Cache Updates -Emoji's Added To Sprites Directory -Edited Vorkath Map Packed -Vorkath Model Drop Updates -Nex Drops Virtus Wand Client Updates -:pepega: Emoji -:kappa: Emoji -:pogchamp: Emoji -:fmg: Emoji -All Skeletons Wearing Party Hats On The Ground Removed -Zulrah Row Boat Right Click Options -Vorkath Definitions -Boss Teleport Interface Extended -Virtus Wand Definitions Item Updates -Drygore Default Value Increased
  4. Bug Updates -Requesting Assistance Doesn't Count Towards HP, Prayer, Or Summoning -Walkable Interfaces Overlapping With Tutorial Dialogue Fixed -Hide And Seek Bot Not Showing Outfit Fixed -New Players Trade Screen Interrupting The Tutorial Fixed -Defensive Casting For Magic Spells Not Giving Defence Experience Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Zulrah Teleport Takes You To Zul-andrah Docks -::prestige/prestiging Commmands Added To Open Prestige Guide -Host Migration Added To Raids Parties Greater Than 1 -Hide & Seek In Player Panel Is Clickable For Some Direction Weapon Game Updates -Weapon Game Completely Re-written (More Stable) -New Weapons Added -Weapon Game Bots Added Client Updates -Zul-andrah Objects Removed And Row Boat Right Click -Cut Option Removed From Evil Tree Kindling Shop Updates -Looting Bag Added To Boss Point Store
  5. Client Updates -Some Buttons On Boss Teleport Interface Not Displaying NPC Fixed -Crafting NPC Right Click Options -GameMode Interface Extended -Bind Option Removed From Dragon/Crystal Arrows -Dungeoneering Specific Dragon/Crystal Arrows Item Definitions -Crystal Arrow Model Fixed Cache Updates -Extreme Skiller Ironman Sprite Added Bug Updates -Minigame Interface Not Resetting To First Minigame Upon Opening Fixed -Add And Ignore Buttons Inside ::players Interface Not Working Fixed -Raid Completions Showing 1 Number Less Fixed -Cooking Seaweed Mentioning Running Out Of Fish Fixed -Magic Tab Not Being Sent Back When Charging Orbs Fixed -Charging Orbs Not Giving Magic Experience Fixed NPC Updates -The Pickpocketable Gem Trade No Longer Moves Item Updates -All Cannonballs Default Values Increased Drop Updates -Experiments Drop More Items Shop Updates -Battlestaff Added To Ironman General Store -Cannonballs Added To Ranged Ammunition Store Miscellaneous Updates -Lottery/Big Lottery Only Require 2 Entrants For It To Be Pulled -Noted Hides Can Be Tanned At The Crafting NPC -Extreme Skiller Ironman GameMode Added -Adding Orbs To Battlestaffs Is Automatic -Cursor Customizer Moved To Tools/Adjustables Quest Tab -Extreme/Skiller Ironmen Receive More Ironman Points From Skilling Website Hiscores Updates -All-In-One, Hardcore Ironmen, And De-Ironed Players Keep Their Old Position
  6. Bug Updates -Rag And Bone Man Intro Dialogue Cutoff Fixed -Wealth Evaluator/Price Checker Not Liking Values Over 2147m Fixed -Skiller GameModes Not Receiving Experience Fixed -Pickpocketing Not Giving An Item Every Time Fixed -Colored Max Capes Not Having Max Cape Emote Fixed -Trading Gem Not Allowing Players To Join Ironman Teams Fixed -Skill Point Chat Saying Only 1 Point Received Fixed Shop Updates -Seaweed Added To Ironman Point Store And Fishing Store -Goldsmith Gauntlets Added To Skill Point Gear Store -Ironman Skill Point Store Added -Golden Mining Suit And Dragon Pickaxe Upgrade Lowered At Stardust Store Ironman Point Store Updates -Seaweed Added -Herblore Supplies Added Drop Updates -Rock Crabs, Waterfiends, And Dagganoths Drop Seaweed Miscellaneous Updates -You Can Grab Seaweed From The Nets At Piscatoris -Glassblowing Experience Increased -Skiller Ironmen Get More Ironman Points For Skilling -Herblore Supplies Are Pickpocketable At Level 27 -Pickpocketing The Master Farmer Gives More Seeds -Special Potions Are Made Automatically -Light Orb Replaced With Unpowered Orb In Glassblowing Interface -Purchasing From The Barrows Point Store Counts Towards Minigame Collection Log -You Can Bring Familiars/Pets With You Into Raids -Amount Of Skill Points Received Slightly Increased -Red Warning Text Added When Emptying Inventory -Magic Watering Can, Can Be Added To The Toolbelt -The Bounty Hunter Interface Can Be Toggled In The Tools/Adjustables Quest Tab -Orbs Can Be Charged Using The Magic Spells Directly On An Unpowered Orb -Orbs Can Be Attached To Battlestaffs To Create Elemental Battlestaffs Client Updates -Herblore NPC Right Click Options -Skill Point Store Right Click Options -Magic Watering Can Right Click Options -Toolbelt Interface Extended -Charging Orb Spells Lead To The Inventory Interface
  7. Client Updates -Elite Scroll Box Upgrade Option Removed -Cursor Selection Interface -Settings Interface Adjusted -Tooltips Disabled By Default But Can Be Toggled In Settings -Cursor Customizer Can Be Selected From Settings -You Can Accept Dung/Gambling Invites By Directly Clicking The Chat -Out Of Order Boss Pictures Fixed -Sand Pit Added To Farming Teleport Miscellaneous Updates -The Test Server Gives Slayer, Donator, Dungeoneering, And Prestige Points On Login -Assistance Timer Lowered To 5 Minutes -Aggressive Monsters No Longer Attack If Your Combat Level Is Twice As High As Theirs -Spamming Clue Casket Rewards Causing DC Fixed -Magma Mutagen Replaces Molten Glass For Creating The Magma Blowpipe -Magma Helm And Tanzanite Helm Are Craftable -You Can Invite Players To Raids/Dung Parties With A Right Click Option -Glass Making Can Be Started By Using A Glassblowing Pipe On Molten Glass -Sandpit At Farming Teleport Can Fill Buckets -Soda Ash And A Bucket Of Sand Can Create Molten Glass Using A Furnace Website Updates -Skiller Ironman Hiscores Addded -Hiscores Width Slightly Increased Shop Updates -Rune Pouch Added To Slayer Coin Store -Bucket Added To Farming And Ironman General Store -Glassblowing Pipe Added To Crafting And Ironman General Store Drop Updates -Zulrah Drops Magma Mutagen And Tanzanite Mutagen Bug Updates -Skillers Able To Use Lamps To Train Prayer, Summoning, And Constitution Fixed -Skillers Able To Receive And Use Effigies Fixed -Skillers Able To Enter FFA/Weapon Game Fixed -Instanced NPC's Spawning Inside Of Raids 2 Fixed -Edgeville Dungeon Not Being Wilderness Fixed -Walking Instead Of Running Causing Certain Regions To Ocassionally Not Load Fixed Cache Updates -Additional Cursor Sprites -Tanzanite/Magma Helms And Mutagens Added
  8. Bug Updates -Ability To Enter Warrior's Guild Without Having Tokens Fixed -Developer Filter Backwards In Adjustables Quest Tab Fixed -Master 120 Cape Ava's Effect Not Working Fixed -Some Skills Not Giving Ironman Points Fixed -Skillers Able To Train Summoning And Prayer Fixed -Attack Requirement To Wield Dragon Pickaxes/Hatchets Removed -Inferno Adze Special Effects Working Without Required Levels Fixed -Experience Going Negative Inside Tracker After Reaching 2147m Experience Fixed -Hot And Cold/BlackJack Having Mixed Button Names Fixed Cache Updates -Sumona Map West Of Edgeville Repacked -Iron Skiller Sprite Miscellaneous Updates -Drop Preview Toggleable Added To Adjustables Quest Tab -Skiller Ironman GameMode Added Client Updates -AFK Timer Increased -Boss Pet Interface Renamed -Game Mode Interface Adjusted Website Updates -Skiller Hiscores Added -Hiscores Homepage Body Is Wider Item Updates -Default Value Of Runecrafting Outfit Increased
  9. Bug Updates -Legendary Boxes Giving Regular Box Rewards Sometimes Fixed -Seed Dibber And Rake Being Backwords In Toolbelt Fixed -All-In-One Players Having Extreme Icon In Players Online Interface Fixed -Warrior's Guild Defender Interface Not Showing Up Sometimes Fixed Micellaneous Updates -Mystery Box Reward Giving Is Slightly Faster -"Hide & Seek" In Player Panel Shortened -Limit On Starter Packs You Are Able To Get Removed -Drop Preview Interface For Some Bosses Displays When Entering Certain Areas Cache Updates -Toolbelt Sprites -Starter Interface Sprites -Skiller GameMode Sprite Client Updates -Toolbelt Interface Added -Mystery Box Right Click Options -Bug Tester Icon Fixed -Warriors Guild Interface Adjusted -Drop Preview Interface Adjusted Website Updates -All Skills On Hiscores Go To Level 120 GameMode Updates -Skiller Game Mode Added (No Attacking) -Game Mode/Skill Points/Pet Odds Increased *Ironman - 5% *Extreme - 7.5% *Ultimate Ironman - 10% *Hardcore Ironman - 10% *Extreme Ironman - 15% *All-In-One - 20% *Skiller - 20%
  10. Client Updates -Prayer Overlay Color Changed -Boss Teleport Interface Redesigned -Cntrl To View Stats Fixed -Herb Renamed To T In Boss Teleports Interface -Summoning Tab Interface Updated Cache Updates -Boss Teleport Interface Sprites -Mystery Box Interface Sprites -Summoning Tab Sprites Bug Updates -Completed Raids Showing 1 Number Less Fixed -Hide & Seek Bot Outfit Not Showing Up Fixed -Trident Of The Seas Built In Spell Not Requiring Runes Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Clicking The Special Attack Orb With No Special Attack Weapon Equipped Sends A Message -Animal Masks And Spirit Cape Removed From Legendary Boxes -Regular Mystery Boxes And Legendary Boxes Can Be Opened With A Spinning Interface -Chaos Fanatic Instanced Removed -120 Master Cape Has Ava's Effect -Lonely Island And Waterfall Zone Have A Cap On Amount Of Noted Items Before Needing To Bank
  11. Miscellaneous Updates -Free-For-All Bots Given Task System Instead Of Insta Swapping Weapons -Legendary Mystery Box Does Not Have Duplicate Items -Collection Log Defaults To Abyssal Sire -Raids 1 And Raids 2 Have Seperate Counters For Completed Raids -Minigame Collection Log Added -Raid Floor 1 Rare Rewards Are Only OSRS Raid Rewards -Barrows Chests Give Armor More Frequently -Bolt Racks From Barrows Chests Gives A Stack Of 100 -Graveyard, Pest Control, And Fight Cave Counter Added -Master 120 Cape Can Be Purchased From The Wise Old Man Item Updates -Ghrazi Rapier Stats Buffed Client Updates -Skill Cape Store Right Click Options -120 Master Cape Definitions -Custom Packet For Reading Special Attack Data -Special Attack Orb Added -Scoreboards Interface Extended -Minigame Collection Log Interface Cache Updates -120 Master Cape Model -Special Attack Orb Sprites Combat Updates -Sanguinist/Polypore Default Combat Spell Added
  12. NPC Updates -Lottery Options Added To Gamble NPC -Lottery NPC Removed From Home And ::gamble Client Updates -Gamble NPC Right Click Options -Skilling Boss Models And Definitions -NPC Drop Table Checker Interface Adjusted Miscellaneous Updates -Minimum Amount To Extend Well Of Goodwill With An Item Lowered -Drop Table Interface Shows Most Expensive Items First -Unavailable Events Are Displayed In Red Inside The Quest Panel -Tools Quest Tab Are Alphabatized Bug Updates -Zulrah Scoreboard Showing Players With 0 Seconds Higher Than Other Players Fixed -Infinite Prayer If You Aren't Prestiged Fixed -Profile Viewing Causing Disconnections Fixed -Prestige Benefit Causing Skills To Be Set To Lower Levels Fixed -Veteran Cape Emote Causing Client Freeze Fixed -Third Right Click Option For Objects Causing Disconnection Fixed -Wildywyrm Dropping 1 Throwing Axe Fixed -Leaving Zulrah Mid-fight Causing Players Not Fighting To Get Hit Fixed -Logging Out Allowing Perfect Items To Be Used Again Fixed -Having A Summoning Familiar Out Preventing A New Pet From Unlocking Fixed -Not Being Able To Use Pet Boxes After Receiving All Pets Fixed Item Updates -Raid 2 Items Require 100 Stats Instead of 110 Shop Updates -Coal Bag Added To Voting Store Item Updates -Glacor Boots Stats Buffed
  13. Bug Updates -Saradomin Flasks Unable To Be Made Fixed -Ability To Add Logs Into Fire After The Fire Has Burned Out -Blowpipe And Magma Blowpipe Damage Restriction Removed -Corp Drops On Boss Teleports Not Showing Some Shields Fixed -Master Prayer/Prayer Cape Giving Preventing Prayer Drain After Being Removed Fixed -Master Cape Benefits Not Draining In Barrows/Wilderness Sometimes Fixed -Deleted Objects Not Removing Clipping Fixed -Ability To Leave Raids 2 With Dragonian And Barronian Ore Fixed Drop Updates -Chickens Drop Wimpy Feathers -Necromancer Common Drops Buffed Donator Updates -Each Donator Rank Increases Bank Size By An Extra 50 -Armadyl Crossbow Lowered In Donator Store Miscellaneous Updates -Wildywyrm Loot Message Changed -Max Total Loyalty And 5th Prestige Is Given On Login On The Test Server -Flask Decanter Added To Potion Decanter -Custom Emotes Added For Max And Veteran Capes -Each Prestige For Prayer Makes Your Prayer Drain 1% Less -Each Prestige For Combat Skills Increases The Chance For Lowered Stats To Return In Combat -Persistent Database Connections (Thread-Safe So Less Server Disconnections) Item Updates -Spirit Shield Prices Increased -Twin-Blade Ghost Sword Hits Twice Every Hit -Dragon Dart Given OSRS Stats -Onyx Darts Slightly Nerfed Client Updates -:sob: Emoji -Decanter NPC Right Click Options -"Loading Please Wait" Message Added When Logging In And Changing Regions Cache Updates -Sob Emoji Shop Updates -Perfect Scroll Added To Master Achievement Store -Ironmen Only Have Access To Vials And Pestle And Mortar Inside The Herblore Store -Pikkupstix Shop 1 And 2 Combined
  14. Bug Updates -Prestiging Allowing You To Equip Items At A Lower Level Fixed -Character Locking Upon Changing Character Appearance Fixed -Ranged Ammunition Giving Invisible Strength Bonus Fixed Client Updates -Tooltips No Longer Show For Attacking Players -Box Trap For Sabre-Toothed Kebbit -Right Click Option For Green Nomad Portal Fixed -XP Orb Shows 0 Experience Instead Of Being Blank If Your Experience Hasn't Been Tracked Cache Updates -Farming Timers Added NPC Updates -Wildywyrm Buffed Combat Updates -Toxic/Magma Blowpipe, Twisted Bow, And Armadyl Crossbow Given OSRS Stats -Wearing Saradomin Or Zamorak Prevents Bandits From Stopping Their Aggression -Giant Mole Displays Attack Animations Drop Updates -White Berries Added To Kurask Drops Shop Updates -Pestle And Mortar, Vial Of Water, And Potion Flasks Added To Ironman General Tools Store -Pure Essence Removed From Ironamn General Tools Store Miscellaneous Updates -Kebbit-Teeth Dust Can Be Made By Using Pestle And Mortar On Kebbit-Teeth -Monthly PlayTime Scoreboard Updated -"Craft A Twisted Bow" Achievement Reward Changed To Boss Points -Farming Timers Added Item Updates -Potion Flasks Default Value Increased Skilling Updates -Sabre-Toothed Kebbit Are Huntable At The Trap Area
  15. Miscellaneous Updates -Drop Simulator Shows All Monsters Over 2k Hitpoints -Skill Points Are Awarded In Quantities From 1-4 -Evil Tree No Longer Hits Player Randomly -Vial Of Water Can Be Emptied -Global Drops Earned Are Displayed In The rare_drops Discord Text Channel -Player Bots No Longer Display In The Clan Chat -Ice Bolt Tips Are Smithable On The Anvil Combat Updates -Giant Mole Gives Direction When He Disappears -Crazy Archaeologist Is Multi Combat Bug Updates -Not Being Able To Logout During Tutorial Fixed -Unable To Use 99 Lamps On Prayer/Constitution Fixed -Ability To Cut Gems Without Chisel Fixed -Raid Floor 1 Showing Equipment After Leaving Fixed -The Kings Task Quest Not Fitting Entirely On Screen Fixed -Master/99 Slayer Cape Giving Too Much Experience Fixed -Facial Hair Showing Through Full Helmets Fixed -Ability To Make/Equip Charos/Perfect Items Without Prestiging Magic Fixed Client Updates -You Can No Longer Change Settings Until After The Tutorial Is Completed -Vial Of Water Right Click Options -Swapping Items In Bank Works Correctly -Prestige Showing /5 If You Are Under Level 120 Fixed -Ice Bolt Tip Models Item Updates -Dragon Hunter Crossbow Stats Slightly Increased Shop Updates -Fury Ornament Kit Increased In Vote Store -Fury (or) Decreased In Vote Store Drop Updates -Potato Cactus Added To Blood Reaver Cache Updates -Potion Of Banking Timer
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