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    Bug Updates -Smithing Dart Tips And Arrowtips Giving 1 Instead Of 15 Fixed -::Clues Command Fixed -Daily Task Assignment Fixed -Ring Of Wealth Examine Fixed -Quest Tab Showing Wrong Boss Counter Fixed -Wilderness Altar Giving You Bones Back Based On Free Inventory Space Fixed -Wilderness Altar Removing All Bones From Inventory Fixed -Serpentine Helment Having No Value Fixed -Blowpipe (u) Having No Value Fixed Client Updates -Noted Pure Essence Rock Objects -NPC Drop Table Extended -Color Codes Showing Up When Hovering Over Items Fixed Staff Updates -Command For Moderator+ To Fill Well Of Wealth/Goodwill Combat Updates -Harlakk, Ballak, And Tokash Attack Distance Cut In Half Donator Updates -Noted Pure Essence Rocks Added To Waterfall Zone Skilling Updates -Vannaka And Duradel Daily Tasks Decreased Ironman Updates -Ironman Points Are Easier To Get -Items Are No Longer Sellable To The Store For Ironman Points -Items In The Ironman Point Store Increased In Value -Instant Alchemy Scroll Added To Ironman Point Store 2 Miscellaneous Updates -Legendary Mystery Box Rewards Are Slightly More Common
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