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  2. Miscellaneous Updates -Raids Gives Raid Points For Completing Dungeons -Raids Store Added To Raids Bank Chest -If You Have A Raid Item Storage Chest Every Boss Drops An Upgrade At 1/100 -Group Instancing Base 50% Finished Client Updates -Raids Bank Chest Inside Floor 2 Changed -Town Crier Right Click Options Shop Updates -Item Storage Bag Added To Raid Point Store Bug Updates -Smithing Giving Message About Skill Cape Saving Coal Fixed Website Updates -New Voting Script Added -Project Mode Added To Highscores
  3. Bug Updates -Placing Gems Onto Bolts Giving Too Much XP Fixed -Firemaking Noted Logs Not Working Fixed -Jangerberry, Whiteberry, Posion Ivy, Redberry, Cadavaberry, and Dwellberry Not Being Farmable Fixed -Some Inventory Items Not Being Removed After Raids Fixed -Raids Sometimes Not Letting You Start Another Match After Backing Out Fixed -Vorkath Allowing Seperate Instance Teleport Fixed Client Updates -Yew Tree Added To Wilderness Skilling Area -Bag Of Pure Essence Models And Right Click Options -Item Storage Chest Right Click Options -Vorkath Pet Added (Item And Model Definitions) -Dragon/Barrows Cannonball Item Models Added Item Updates -Operate Option For 120 Master Cape Boosts Stats Shop Updates -Bag Of Pure Essence Added To Beginner Achievement Store Miscellaneous Updates -Cooking Teleport Changed -Food Cooker Added To Edgeville (45% Chance Of Not Burning) -Buying And Selling Items From The Grand Exchange Leaves A History For All Players -Completing Raids Gives Dungeoneering Experience And Some Tokens Based On Difficulty And Floor
  4. Client Updates -Mushroom Blocking Monkfish In Wilderness Area Removed -Experience Customizer Interfering With Presets Interface Fixed -Yew Tree And Thieving Stalls Added To Wilderness Skilling Area -Construction Interface Updated To Include Toggles Bug Updates -Flax And Torstol Skilling Bosses No Longer Drop Random Items -Runes That Don't Require Pure Essence Not Allowing Noted Essence Fixed -Firemaking Not Allowing Noted Logs Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -You Can Wear And Purchase The 120 Mastery Cape After Prestiging 8 Times In All Skills -At Prestige 25 You Have A 1/250 Chance To Create A Death Touched Dart While Fletching Darts -Brawling Gloves Can Be Sold To The Prestige Point Store For 50% Value -Rotation And Direction Can Be Disabled In The Construction Interface
  5. Bug Updates -Superheat Spell Giving Too Many Pets FIxed -Dragon Ore Taking Too Long To Mine Outside The Skilling Area Fixed -Only Able To Buy 200k Items At Once Fixed -Unable To Access Anvil In The Wilderness Skilling Fixed -Ironmen Can Purchase Items From The Herblore Store While Inside Raids -Check Option On Crystal Bag Adding To Toolbelt Fixed -Unable To Mine Copper Inside Wilderness Skilling Area Fixed -Farming Clue Scroll Location Updated To The New Farming Area -Spelling Issues For Leeaching Targets Fixed -Kahlua The Slue Scroll Not Being Tradable Fixed -Project Mode Giving Some Skills 0 Experience Fixed -Dungeoneering Not Giving Out Full Armor Sets Fixed -Make "X" Not Working On Some Fletching Items Fixed -Normal And Willow Skilling Boss Not Dropping Logs Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Achievement Stores Can Be Viewed Without The Required Number Of Points -Currency Is Formatted While Viewing Stores -Outfit Storage Holds Runecrafting Staffs And Outfits -The Wilderness Skilling Area ZMI Altar Allows 250 Noted Essence To Be Crafted At Once -Each Time You Prestige You Can Purchase 2 Slayer Tickets Per Day To Claim For Points Client Updates -Outfit Storage Interface Extended -ZMI Altar Added To Wilderness Skilling Area -Lower Level Fishing Spots Added To Wilderness Skilling Area -Low Level Trees Added To WIlderness Skilling Area
  6. Fbncihpot купить бра кухня светильник детская оптика в москве недорого очки заказать для зрения светильники для ванны заказать
  7. Hey guys here are those trivia questions I've been meaning to post Basically just answer them to the best of your abilities and the top 3 players with the most correct answers will win some cash prizes I was planning on doing a pvp tournament originally, but there weren't enough entrants unfortunately. If you guys like this kind of thing or you would like to see some other kind of events hosted for prizes be sure to leave a comment below and I'll do my best to make it happen! Also as a heads up make sure you private message me the answers to these and you don't just comment them down below wouldn't want anyone stealing your answers because if it's a tie, then you'll have to split the prize money 1. How much coal can the coal bag hold? (1 Point) 2. Name the requirements in order to create the Perfect Spirit Shield and Zaros Godsword. (1/2 Point For Each Correct Answer) 3. Name the requirements to use the Piety, Rigour, and Augury prayers. (1.5 Points For Each Correct Answer) 4. Name as many different Home locations that have ever been used. (1 Point For Each Correct Answer) 5. Name the 5 different types of player bots. (1/2 A Point For Each Correct Bot) 6. How long does a Construction created sawmill last? (1 Point) 7. At what prestige do you get to choose your own slayer task and how many can you set per day? (1 Point For Each Correct Answer) 8. List the 2 items required for the magma blowpipe. (1 Point Each) 9. Inside the expert achievement store how much are ourg bones? (1 Point) 10. In the "No Consumables" second raids floor, how many bosses do you have to kill if you solo complexity 4? (1 Point) 11. Where does the elder log skilling boss spawn? (1 Point) 12. What player used to be locked in the cages at yanille for bug abusing? (1 Point) 13. Name as many older versions of Project-S as you can. (1 Point For Each Correct Answer) 14. What type of in-game events get sent to the discord? (1/2 Point For Each Correct Answer) 15. When the Easter quest was first created what item was accidentally given out? (1 Point) 16. After the farming update what is the total number of trees that you can plant? (1 Point) 17. How did dungeoneering work when your multiplier didn't get removed when you teleport out? (1 Point) 18. How many gems can the upgraded gem bag hold? (1 Point) 19. What effect does each night-gazer icon have. (1 Point For Each Correct Answer) 20. If you are only wearing the ring of wealth what are the odds of getting a big luck amulet as a drop? (1 Point) 21. What are the odds of getting a boss token while fighting a monster? (1 Point) 22. Name the 5 free-for-all armor types there can be. (1/2 A Point For Each Correct Answer) 23. What is the last weapon in the weapon game minigame? (1 Point) 24. What is the reward for finishing the King's Task Quest? (1 Point For Each Correct Answer) 25. How many zulrah scales can you sacrifice for an item from zulrah's rare drop table? (1 Point) 26. If you do not wish for a player to view your profile or click you in the players online interface what do you do? (1 Point) 27. How many Pet Points do you get for selling Kahlua the Clue Scroll to the Pet Store? 28. What bonuses does the wilderness skilling area give? (1/2 Point For Each Correct Answer) 29. What is the minimum hitpoints/constitution to show up on the npc drop simulator? (1 Point) 30. How many herbs can the herb sack hold and how many of each type? (1 Point For Each Correct Answer)
  8. Miscellaneous Updates -At Prestige 10 Firemaking You Can Light Noted Logs -At Prestige 20 Smithing You Smelt Bars At 2 Ticks -At Prestige 40 Smithing You Smelt Bars At 1 Tick -At Prestige 25 Prayer You Can Offer Noted Bones At Altars -At Prestige 10 Crafting You Can Cut Noted Gems -You Can Teleport To Your Custom Home From The Quest Tab Menu -Herb Sack Can Be Added To The Toolbelt -Skilling Bosses Only Give Items At The End Client Updates -Willow And Normal Log Skilling Boss Added -Dragonian And Barronian Ore Added To Wilderness Skilling Area -Herb Sack Right Click Options Shop Updates -Max Limit For Buying Items Increased To 500k Per Purchase -You Can Spend More Than 2147m At Once When Purchasing Items Bug Updates -Some Master Capes Not Allowing Prestige Benefits Fixed -Some Skill Capes Not Giving Double XP On Project Mode Fixed -Selecting Game Modes Showing The Wrong Name Fixed -Hide And Seek Bot No Longer Moves -Crystal Bag Check Option Doesn't Try To Add To The Toolbelt -Prestige Arrow Saving Not Working After Prestige 5 Fixed -Whirlpool Spawning On Top Of Evil Tree Fixed -Total Wealth Scoreboard Displaying Wrong Amount Fixed -Superheat Not Working On Some Ores Fixed
  9. Cache Updates -Project Mode Icon -Farming Map Re-Packed Bug Updates -Looting Bag Collecting Items While Inside Bank Fixed -Objects Inside Wilderness Area Not Clickable Fixed -Raids Sometimes Not Dropping Rare Items Fixed -Farming Not Counting Secateurs Fixed -Some Noted Ores In The Waterfall Zone Not Working Sometimes Fixed -Instances Removing NPC's Fixed -Woad Seeds Giving Asgarnian Ale Fixed -Smithing Bars Automatically Choosing The Lowest Bar Fixed -Random Events Overwriting Eachother Fixed Client Updates -Farming Objects Added -Farming Items Right Click Options -Client Settings Save To .txt For Easier Access -New Packet For Reading Venom Data -Summoning Obelisk, Copper, Iron, And Mithril Ore Added To Wilderness Skilling Area Miscellaneous Updates -Custom Farming System Added -Master Farmer Can Be Pickpocketed For Tree Seeds -Venom Added -Master Farmer Added To Farming Area -Answering Trivia Or Teleporting Resets The Max Noted For Mining -Coal Bag Accepts Noted Coal -Prestige 15 Mining Makes All Ores 1 Tick Faster -Prestige 25 Mining Makes All Ores 2 Ticks Faster -Prestige 25 Magic/Smithing Superheat Spell Takes Noted Ores -Vorkath Base Added (Under Construction : No Drops)
  10. Gjlzpypbw ремонт оправы воздушные шары с доставкой москва водосток труба металлическая готовые очки с диоптриями бра купить оптом
  11. Combat Updates -Chinchompa's Show Projectiles For All Monsters Hit Bug Updates -Some Monsters Not Respawning Fixed -Nomad Instance Not Working Sometimes Fixed -Multiple Bosses Spawning In Instanced Areas Fixed -Hide & Seek Bot Doesn't Clip Through Walls -Trading Dupe And Items Disappearing From Trades Fixed -Aggression Potion Showing 10 Extra Seconds Fixed -Having Prestige 10 Cooking Preventing Cooking Pet From Being Used Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Wilderness Resource Area Added -Daggonoth Boss Teleports Updated -Inside The Wilderness Items Picked Up Automatically Get Placed Into Looting Bag -Refer A Friend System Added -Gem Bag, Bonecrushers, And Magic Secateurs Can Be Added To The Toolbelt Client Updates -Teleport Interface Extended -Right Click Options For Gem Bag, Bonecrushers, And Magic Secateurs Cache Updates -Wilderness Skilling Map
  12. Bug Updates -Barbarian Village Location Interfering With Presets Fixed -Adamant Bar Finishing Iron Bar Achievement Fixed -Unable To Smelt Adamant Ore Using Noted Coal Fixed -Prestige 20 Giving Unlimited Noted Coal Ore Fixed -Hide & Seek Pet Given To Player Bot Fixed -Zulrah Spawning At New Boss Instance Area Fixed -Chaos Elemntal Teleporting You Very Far Fixed -Instanced Bossing Respawning If You Leave Immediately After Killing one Fixed -Fastest Raid Scoreboard And Time Played Scoreboards Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Magic Watering Can Auto Waters Farming If Stored On The Toolbelt -If Your Profile Is Locked You Don't Show Up On The Scoreboard -Project GameMode Added -Examining An Item Shows The Price Checker Value -Death Touched Darts Has A Chance To Be Saved From Range Prestige -Dagganoth Kings Can Be Seperately Instanced Client Updates -Custom Packet For Updating Boss Teleport Interface -Interfaces Support Clicking Button ID's Over 65535 -Boss Teleport Interface Extended
  13. Client Updates -Outfit Storage Item Right Click Options -Raids Text Slightly Moved Down -Tooltips Showing "<col=" Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -You Can Remove 1 Item At A Time From The Outfit Storage -100 Of Each Clue Scroll Can Be Stored At Once -Clue Scrolls Are Dropped Less Commonly -Skill Guide Added With Missing Armor And Weapons -Missing Weapons And Armor Added To Skill Guides -Player Bots Removed From Help Chat -Player Bots Automatically Log Out If They Detect A Server Error To Prevent Crashing -In-Game Play Time Scoreboard Updated -New Hide & Seek Locations/Descriptions Added -Smithing Skill Cape Coal Effect Added To ::filter -At 10th Prestige Smithing You Can Smelt Noted Ore Shop Updates -Herb Box Added To Skill Point Store Bug Updates -Older Players Unable To Have More Than 5 Items Bound Fixed -Teak Skilling Boss Not Dropping Noted Logs Fixed -Construction Not Giving Pet, Clues, Skill Points, Or Ironman Points Fixed -Crafting Hides With "Make X" Option Fixed -Logging Out At Lumbrdige Cows Teleport You To Edgeville Fixed Combat Updates -Death At Treasure Island Can Only Hit You From 6 Squares Away Item Updates -Smithable Clawz Given Base Item Value Cache Updates -Wilderness Maps Repacked -Custom Vote Items For April Packed
  14. If you are top 10 come see me in-game for a reward Kuradal - Hours: 244 - Minutes: 55 - Seconds: 10 Animosity - Hours: 185 - Minutes: 36 - Seconds: 32 Chris - Hours: 181 - Minutes: 57 - Seconds: 34 Speedy - Hours: 154 - Minutes: 53 - Seconds: 27 G - Hours: 153 - Minutes: 40 - Seconds: 3 Gnomic - Hours: 150 - Minutes: 59 - Seconds: 4 Manund - Hours: 134 - Minutes: 32 - Seconds: 49 Iron Man - Hours: 128 - Minutes: 41 - Seconds: 8 Morty - Hours: 114 - Minutes: 53 - Seconds: 4 Realy - Hours: 112 - Minutes: 4 - Seconds: 51 Chris Bank - Hours: 94 - Minutes: 0 - Seconds: 48 Miniflow - Hours: 93 - Minutes: 29 - Seconds: 39 Extreme - Hours: 90 - Minutes: 54 - Seconds: 57 Dalton - Hours: 85 - Minutes: 8 - Seconds: 22 Killkeck - Hours: 84 - Minutes: 52 - Seconds: 6 Sup - Hours: 80 - Minutes: 28 - Seconds: 19 Calmblitz - Hours: 78 - Minutes: 13 - Seconds: 44 Ext Toady - Hours: 59 - Minutes: 21 - Seconds: 46 Sky - Hours: 56 - Minutes: 0 - Seconds: 6 Kreios - Hours: 55 - Minutes: 18 - Seconds: 40 Page - Hours: 54 - Minutes: 8 - Seconds: 28 Psymon - Hours: 47 - Minutes: 46 - Seconds: 22 Iron Queen - Hours: 46 - Minutes: 11 - Seconds: 41 Atmf - Hours: 45 - Minutes: 40 - Seconds: 25 Grant - Hours: 42 - Minutes: 33 - Seconds: 5 Shlong - Hours: 42 - Minutes: 27 - Seconds: 59 Silentzwickd - Hours: 34 - Minutes: 43 - Seconds: 10 Worn Sword - Hours: 30 - Minutes: 51 - Seconds: 26 Tom - Hours: 28 - Minutes: 27 - Seconds: 3 Hades - Hours: 26 - Minutes: 56 - Seconds: 32 Suchy - Hours: 26 - Minutes: 51 - Seconds: 4 Pure Exp - Hours: 26 - Minutes: 46 - Seconds: 57 Kieran - Hours: 23 - Minutes: 42 - Seconds: 23 Zekage2 - Hours: 22 - Minutes: 43 - Seconds: 36 Rasmus Koch - Hours: 21 - Minutes: 47 - Seconds: 42 Vox - Hours: 20 - Minutes: 52 - Seconds: 23 Jacob - Hours: 17 - Minutes: 6 - Seconds: 34 Logiic - Hours: 13 - Minutes: 34 - Seconds: 13 Testytester - Hours: 12 - Minutes: 7 - Seconds: 25 Stink - Hours: 11 - Minutes: 4 - Seconds: 21 Skills - Hours: 10 - Minutes: 51 - Seconds: 15 Jester - Hours: 10 - Minutes: 24 - Seconds: 59
  15. Bug Updates -Puro Puro Having Level Required Instead Of Trap Area Fixed -Inventory/Equipment Getting Cleared Entering And Leaving Raids Fixed -Claws Allowing To Equip Before Attack Level Fixed -Staff Of The Dead Charges Not Saving On Logout Fixed -Toxic Staff Of The Dead Not Having Weapon Interface Fixed Client Updates -Hide & Seek Pet Models -One Click Attacking Added To Settings Interface Cache Updates -Taverly Map Repacked Miscellaneous Updates -Hide & Seek Pet Added -Experience Lamps Can Be Used On Construction -Pet Store Added To Home -Fletching Gives Points Inside Raids -At Prestige 10 You Can Smith Noted Bars -Some Missing Items Added To Attack, Ranged, And Strength Skill Guides Shop Updates -Pet Points And Pet Point Store Added
  16. Bug Updates -Hide And Seek Bot Not Updating Button Position Fixed -Incorrect Trivia Question Fixed -Skill Guide Allowing Teleports To Trap Area Before 23 Hunter Fixed -Inferno Adze Being Out Of Order In Toolbelt Fixed -Teak Log Skilling Boss Dropping Rune Bars Fixed -Adding More Than 2147m In Trade Causing Coins To Disappear Fixed -Unable To Attack Barrows Brothers Fixed -Magma Blowpipe Not Giving Dart Strength Fixed Item Updates -Examine And Base Value Given For Complex Key Cache Updates -Gambling Area Map Client Updates -Shift Dropping Cannot Work While An Interface Is Open -Rune Bar Right Click Options -::groundvalue And ::rarevalue Commands Added For Ground Item Names Miscellaneous Updates -Gambling Area Defaulted To Falador -After Reaching Max Dungeoneering Multiplier You Don't Receive Multiplier Messages -Player Bots Show Up In Clan Chat -At Prestige 1, 2, And 3 You Can Bind Another Item Inside Dungeoneering -Dismantling Eels Message Added To ::filter Donator Updates -Maximum Dungeoneering Multiplier Increased
  17. Bug Updates -99 Lamps Not Setting Current Level After Prestige 5 Fixed -Some Crossbows Not Showing Correct Weapon Interface Fixed -Angler Pieces Giving Double Fish Every Time Fixed -Constructing Magic Trees Giving x10 XP Fixed -Agliity Achievements Counting Even If You Don't Cross Fixed -Cleaning Herbs Not Giving Points Inside Raids Fixed -Hide & Seek Bot Going In Random Spot When Spawning In Fixed -Blowpipes Not Removing Ammo Sometimes Fixed -Teak Skilling Boss Not Dropping Logs At The End Fixed -Unable To Make Bank Booth At Level 99 Construction Fixed -Raids Floor One Deleting Skill Capes On Exit Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Noted Sacred Eels Can Be Dismantled -Blowpipe And Magma Blowpipe Use Seperate Darts/Scales -When Entering The Zulrah Area You Have A Chance To Spawn A Superior -Items Can Be Removed From The Looting Bag Without Leaving The Wilderness -Fishing Animation Is More Consistent -Hide & Seek Bot Randomly Walks Around -Smelting Bars Inside Raids Gives Points -Blowpipe/Serpentine Can Be Made With The Chisel On The Toolbelt -Every Monster In Raids Drops Feathers Client Updates -Looting Bag Interface Right Click Options -Blowpipe/Serpentine Helm Right Click Options
  18. Kieran


    Hey everyone for you guys that don't know me im Kieran been awhile since I played this I use to play alongside goody and speedy and many others probably like 4+ year ago and loved keeping the forums active would love to see this server really take off, looks like im here for awhile :)
  19. Bug Updates -Some NPC's Having Smaller Size Fixed -Bludgeon Axon/Spine Showing As Cape Fixed -Trees Still Giving Countdown After Being Cut Down Fixed -Superheat Spell Not Giving Smithing Experience Fixed -Unable To Superheat Dragonian/Barronian Ore Fixed -Inferno Adze Not Going Into Hatchet Spot In Toolbelt Fixed -Farming Timers Sometimes Not Disappearing Fixed -Herbal Remedy Graphic And Force Chat Happens Less Often -Some Bank Booths Not Allowing Grand Exchange Fixed -Player Bots Not Logging Back In After Being Kicked Fixed Cache Updates -Bludgeon Axon/Spine Models -Varrock Map Repacked Client Updates -Fern The Furnace Models -Teak Log Skilling Boss Models -Thok (Dungeoneering) Right Click Options NPC Updates -Abyssal Sire Respawns Twice As Fast -Superior Slayer Monsters Give x3 Boss Points Miscellaneous Updates -Plank Making Gives Construction Experience -Prestiging Construction Twice Makes Plank Making 1 Tick -Prestiging Construction Allows You To Build Another Tree Immediately -When Lighting Up A Herbal Remedy There Is A Chance For Effects To Last Longer -Furnace Pet Can Be Earned When Smelting Ores Into Bars -Chinchompa's Given Barrage Effect (AOE) -Teak Log Skilling Boss Added -You Can Wear Skilling Capes Inside Raids 1 -At Prestige 10 You Can Cook Noted Food Donator Updates -Noted Sacred Eel Spot Added To Waterfall Zone
  20. Client Updates -Effect Timers Overflow Fixed -Brawling Glove Models -Construction Pet Models -Corporeal Beast And Chaos Elemental Out Of Order In Pet Interface Fixed Item Updates -You Can Equip Slayer Items At Level 1 After You Prestige -Brawling Gloves Given Base Value Miscellaneous Updates -After Prestiging Slayer You Receive Monsters From Higher Levels At Level 1 -Scroll Of Life Extra Harvest Message Added To ::filter/ Game Filter -Tangleroot Pet Gives Double Harvests From Farming -Construction Pet Added -Player Bots No Longer Attack You If You're Already Being Attacked -Every Prestige Towards Magic And Smithing Allows You To Superheat One More Item -Power Saw Sends A Message To The Owner Every 30 Seconds -When Construction Objects You Can Choose The Objects Rotation Bug Updates -Warriors Guild Not Updating Defender Text After Killing Fixed Shop Updates -Brawling Gloves Added To Prestige Store -Bagged Trees Added To Ironman General Store
  21. Client Updates -Add To Toolbelt Right Click Option For Crystal Bag -Raids/Dungeoneering Icon Moved To Emotes Tab -Right Click Option For Portable Sawmill -Construction Interface Extended -Bagged Teak Item Model -Teleport Interface Extended -Gates At Tai Bwo Wanna Removed Miscellaneous Updates -Construction Teleport Takes You To Falador -When Entering Raids/Dungeoneering The Party Tab Is Moved To The Emotes Tab -When Cutting Noted Logs Or Ores You Have To Bank Every 100 Before Mining Any More -Portable Sawmill Can Be Inspected To Show Time Remaining -Tai Bwo Wannai City Teleport Added -At Prestige 3 Construction You Have A Chance To Instantly Make Planks -Plank Make Spell In Lunar Spell Book Added Construction Updates -When Selecting Your Construction Object You Can Choose The Direction -If You Have Room To Move Your Character Automatically Moves One Step During Construction -After Cosmetics Objects Disappear You Can Place Them Back Without Leaving The Area -Bagged Teak Tree Can Be Built NPC Updates -Construction Store Moved To Falador Bug Updates -Clue Scrolls Text Improper Usage Of An/A Fixed -Evil Tree Causing Some Trees Not To Respawn Fixed -Weapon Game And Free-For-All Sometimes Displaying Graphical Bug Fixed
  22. Bug Updates -Adamant Kiteshield (t) Spawning As Picture Fixed -Death Darts Giving Double Kills Towards Wildywyrm Fixed -Zulrah Fastest Times Scoreboard Not Showing Accurately Fixed -Ability To Claim Daily Rewards Without Voting Fixed Client Updates -Inferno Adze Right Click Option -Construction Level Up Interface -Construction Interface Extended -Custom Construction Packet -Plank Making Spell Button Leads To Inventory Miscellaneous Updates -Achievements Display Current Progress (Game Filter/::filter) -Fishing Spot Added To Dungeoneering -Construction Skill Released (Suggest More To Be Built) Drop Updates -More Monsters Drop Planks And Logs Donator Updates -Double Donator Points Removed
  23. Miscellaneous Updates -Player Bots Use A More Stable Task System -Saw Can Be Added To The Toolbelt -Terror Dogs Give Boss Points -Death Darts Give The Total Experience When Dealing Damage -Completing Raid Dungeons Gives Some Dungeoneering Experience -Sacred Eels Can Be Fished At Zul-an-drah And Dismantled For Zulrah Scales -Alching Magic Prestige Works On Stackable And Noted Items -When An Item In The Player Owned Shop Sells A Description Is Given -Event Filter To Prevent Most World Messages Added To Tools Quest Panel Client Updates -Saw Right Click Options -Torstol Boss Size Decreased -Sacred Eel Item And Fish Models -Fishing Icons Added To Zul-an-drah -:pogchamp: Emoji Can Be Used Cache Updates -PogChamp Emoji Shop Updates -Real Estate Agent (Construction Store) Added To Home -Crystal Arrows Cost Less In Ironman Point Store Bug Updates -Kills Tracker Sometimes Causing DC Fixed -Some Pest Control Bots Staying At Home Fixed -Donator Store Not Allowing To Claim If Name Has Spaces Fixed -Skilling Bosses Giving Woodcutting Instead Of Firemaking Experience Fixed -Virtus Wand Not Announcing Globally Fixed -Skilling Boss Not Mentioning Specific Skill Required Fixed -Inability To Trade Outside Dungeoneering Fixed -PK Bots Food Not Running Out Fixed -Weapon Game Bots Starting On Their Own After Playing One Game Fixed -Raids Ladder At The End Of Floor One Acting As Reward Chest Fixed Drop Updates -Dragon Pickaxe Added To Venenatis
  24. Miscellaneous Updates -Max Experience Bonus Increased To 450% -Alching Items With Magic Prestige Gives Experience As Well -Platinum Tokens Can Be Gambled -Crystal Bag Can Be Added To The Toolbelt And Max Capacity Increased To 28 -Crystal Bag Automatically Picks Up Keys When In The Toolbelt Or Inventory -New Skilling Boss Locations/Descriptions -Prestiging Skills No Longer Increases The Rate At Which Lowered Stats Increase Bug Updates -Full Slayer Slayer Task Kills Remaining Not Displaying Fixed -Trading Interface Not Allowing "Trade X" Fixed -Imbued Hearts Not Showing As A Global Drop Fixed -Purple Gem Rocks Not Working Fixed -Game Filter Button Being Backwards In Quest Tab Fixed -Prestiging Combat Skills Draining Stats Instead Of Increasing Them Fixed -Herblore Prestige Benefit Not Counting For Holy Overloads Fixed -Overload Timer Not Resetting When Entering The Wilderness Fixed -Offers Greater Than 1B In Player Owned Shops Not Formatting Fixed -Minigame Collection Log Displaying Wrong Pest Control/Graveyard Wins Fixed -Creating Flasks Always Giving (4) Fixed -Items Sold Over 2147m Deleting Extra Cash Fixed -Staff Of The Dead Not Announcing Globally Fixed -Magic Strength Bonus Not Counting Sometimes Fixed -Adamant (t), Adamant (g), Black (t) And Black (g) Added To Outfit Storage Item Updates -Ghrazi Rapier Default Price Increased Drop Updates -Colored Dragon Boots Added To Giant Mole Combat Updates -Uncle Vlads Max Hit Lowered Client Updates -Nex Pet Combat Level Adjusted -Custom Packet For Enter Amount Dialogues Going Over 2147m -Items 351 And 352 Not Displaying Inside Bank Tabs Fixed -120 Master Cape No Longer Glitches Through When Wearing Certain Items -T Staff Boss Renamed To Dalton -New Row Boat At Zulrandrah Docks
  25. Bug Updates -Flax Skilling Boss Spawning As Torstol Boss Fixed -Ability To Claim Daily Rewards Earlier Than 24 Hours Fixed -Shantay Pass Not Allowing You To Move Through Fixed -Monkfish Whirlpool Not Working Fixed -Safe Spot At Wilderness Altar And Other Spots Fixed -Celestial Staff Being 1 Handed Fixed -Bandit's Losing Aggression Fixed Client Updates -Positioning Of Inventory Items Inside Player Owned Shop Interface Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Eating Food Increased By 200ms -Lobster Whirlpool Added -After You Prestige A Skill 5 Times 99 Lamps Give 13.4m Experience -Uncut Onyx, Black, Adamant, And Rune (t) And (g) Pieces Added To The Crystal Chest Shop Updates -Crystal Arrows Lowered In Ironman Point Store -Bow Of Flames And Zaryte Bow Increased In Achievement Store -Spirit Shields Added To Expert Achievement Store -Uncut Onyx, Crystal Keys, Pet Boxes, And Vote Boxes Added To Donator Store Combat Updates -Monsters Over 500/5k Hitpoints No Longer Lose Aggression Over Time -Overloads Increase Your Stats Every 2 Ticks Instead Of 30 Ticks -Staff Bosses Max Hit And Attack Bonus Drop Updates -KBD Drops 1 Dragon Bar Instead Of 1 Dragonian Ore -Wilderness Rings Added To Wildywyrm Drops Website Updates -Hiscores Scaling To 120 Stats For Level Calculations Fixed
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