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  3. Bug Updates -PK Bots Attempting To Use The Wrong Prayer Fixed -PK Bots Counting Towards Total Players In Wilderness Fixed -Unequippable Dung Items Not Being Added To The Inventory Fixed -Gambling Interface Setting Items Scroll Bar At The Bottom Fixed -Price Checker Not Showing Green Text For Over 10m Fixed -Bots Not Respawning After Getting Disconnected Fixed Client Updates -Stat Adjustments Removed From Curses Interface -Torment And Anguish Added To Curses Interface -Third/Fourth Click Options For Objects Fixed -Player Owned Shops Redesigned -Achievements Interface Adjusted -Toolbelt Interface Extended And Use/Remove Options Added -Charming Imp, Herbicide, And Seedicide Right Click Options -Vote Box Definitions -Mystery Box Interface Adjusted -The Spec Orb Is Only Clickable On Fixed Screen On The Actual Orb -Dexterous/Arcane Prayer Scroll Definitions Drop Updates -Occult Necklace Is Slightly More Common -Handcannon And Dragon Pickaxe Are Slightly More Common From Chaos Dwogres Shop Updates -Donator Scrolls Lowered In Vote Point Store -Demented Spirit Shield Added To Master Achievement Store Miscellaneous Updates -Rare Exclusives From Raids Floor 1 Are More Common -Grand Exchange Is Functional -Gambling Interface Re-Enabled -Items From The Toolbelt Can Be Removed -Spade, Charmping Imp, Seedicide, And Herbicide Can Be Added To The Toolbelt -Voting Has A Chance To Give A Vote Box -Dexterous/Arcane Prayer Scrolls Added To Raid 1 Rewards -Rigour And Augury Prayers Require Dexterous/Arcane Prayer Scrolls To Be Read Before Activation -Rag And Bone Man Gives 2 Experience Lamps -When A Skilling Boss Spawns A Global Message Is Sent In-game And On The Discord Bot Cache Updates -Torment And Anguish Sprites -Player Owned Shops Sprites -Camelot Map Repacked -Dexterous/Arcane Prayer Scroll Models
  4. Item Updates -Hell Puppy Bones Give Base Value -Holy Elixer Value Lowered -Blessed Spirit Shield Value Increased Shop Updates -Hell Puppy Bones Noted In Master Achievement Store -Investigator Added To Skill Point Store Bug Updates -Dragon Clawz Not Having A Spec Fixed -Skiller GameModes Not Displaying GameMode Name When Reaching Level 99 Or 120 Fixed -Pest Control Bots Getting Stuck At Home Occassionally Fixed -Migrating Hosts At Raids Sometimes Resetting Progress Fixed -Kuradal Spelled Wrong In Some Places Fixed -Auto Stealing From Stalls Allowing 1 Tick Thieving Fixed -Attempting To Add Over 2147m In A Trade Causing An Overflow Fixed Combat Updates -Uncle Vlad's Bloodlust Can Be Blocked By Protecting Melee -Poisonous Zulrah Clouds Spawn At Zulrah -Zulrah Automatically Respawns When Completing It Solo Cache Updates -Extreme Skiller Ironman Icon Added Client Updates -Icon Around Player Heads Re-Arranged -Shadow Removed From Non-Fixed Client Clan Chat Messages Website Updates -Main Hiscores Table Widened -Extreme Skiller Ironman Hiscores Added Miscellaneous Updates -More Ironman Points Are Earned From Skilling -PK Bots Added To Edgeville Wilderness -Mage's Book Removed From Mystery Boxes -Weapon Accuracy Formulas Adjusted -Hide And Seek Spawn Times Are Randomized
  5. the first picture is taken at home. From here you wanna go to the west Then you go to the place on the picture below. Here u can train thieving from level 1 all the way to level 99. from the bananas at the left to the scimitars at the right. If ur inv is full u can sell it at the guy with the red hat. If you get 99 thieving u can prestige thieving, if you do this 3 times you can use auto-steal. This could help you alot. good luck and have fun!
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  7. Bug Updates -Loyalty Point Bonus Not Working For Extreme Skiller Ironmen And All-In-One Players Fixed -Weapon Game Bots Starting Games Without Other Players Fixed -Godwars Dungeon NPC's Losing Aggression Fixed -Prestiging Making Prayer Drain Too Fast Fixed -Piety, Rigour, And Augory Staying Highlighted If You Don't Have Requirements To Use It Fixed -Prestiging Prayer Causing Unlimited Prayer Fixed -Needing $1 More Than Required To Hunt Ferret Fixed -Zulrah Teleport Not Leading To Zul-Andrah Docks Fixed -Magic Log Skilling Boss Dropped Un-noted Yews Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Hide & Seek Bot Added To Discord game_events -Fighter Torso Removed From Legendary Boxes -On Death At Zulrah Your Items Can Be Purchased From The Row Boat At Zul-Andrah Cache Updates -Emoji's Added To Sprites Directory -Edited Vorkath Map Packed -Vorkath Model Drop Updates -Nex Drops Virtus Wand Client Updates -:pepega: Emoji -:kappa: Emoji -:pogchamp: Emoji -:fmg: Emoji -All Skeletons Wearing Party Hats On The Ground Removed -Zulrah Row Boat Right Click Options -Vorkath Definitions -Boss Teleport Interface Extended -Virtus Wand Definitions Item Updates -Drygore Default Value Increased
  8. Bug Updates -Requesting Assistance Doesn't Count Towards HP, Prayer, Or Summoning -Walkable Interfaces Overlapping With Tutorial Dialogue Fixed -Hide And Seek Bot Not Showing Outfit Fixed -New Players Trade Screen Interrupting The Tutorial Fixed -Defensive Casting For Magic Spells Not Giving Defence Experience Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Zulrah Teleport Takes You To Zul-andrah Docks -::prestige/prestiging Commmands Added To Open Prestige Guide -Host Migration Added To Raids Parties Greater Than 1 -Hide & Seek In Player Panel Is Clickable For Some Direction Weapon Game Updates -Weapon Game Completely Re-written (More Stable) -New Weapons Added -Weapon Game Bots Added Client Updates -Zul-andrah Objects Removed And Row Boat Right Click -Cut Option Removed From Evil Tree Kindling Shop Updates -Looting Bag Added To Boss Point Store
  9. Client Updates -Some Buttons On Boss Teleport Interface Not Displaying NPC Fixed -Crafting NPC Right Click Options -GameMode Interface Extended -Bind Option Removed From Dragon/Crystal Arrows -Dungeoneering Specific Dragon/Crystal Arrows Item Definitions -Crystal Arrow Model Fixed Cache Updates -Extreme Skiller Ironman Sprite Added Bug Updates -Minigame Interface Not Resetting To First Minigame Upon Opening Fixed -Add And Ignore Buttons Inside ::players Interface Not Working Fixed -Raid Completions Showing 1 Number Less Fixed -Cooking Seaweed Mentioning Running Out Of Fish Fixed -Magic Tab Not Being Sent Back When Charging Orbs Fixed -Charging Orbs Not Giving Magic Experience Fixed NPC Updates -The Pickpocketable Gem Trade No Longer Moves Item Updates -All Cannonballs Default Values Increased Drop Updates -Experiments Drop More Items Shop Updates -Battlestaff Added To Ironman General Store -Cannonballs Added To Ranged Ammunition Store Miscellaneous Updates -Lottery/Big Lottery Only Require 2 Entrants For It To Be Pulled -Noted Hides Can Be Tanned At The Crafting NPC -Extreme Skiller Ironman GameMode Added -Adding Orbs To Battlestaffs Is Automatic -Cursor Customizer Moved To Tools/Adjustables Quest Tab -Extreme/Skiller Ironmen Receive More Ironman Points From Skilling Website Hiscores Updates -All-In-One, Hardcore Ironmen, And De-Ironed Players Keep Their Old Position
  10. Bug Updates -Rag And Bone Man Intro Dialogue Cutoff Fixed -Wealth Evaluator/Price Checker Not Liking Values Over 2147m Fixed -Skiller GameModes Not Receiving Experience Fixed -Pickpocketing Not Giving An Item Every Time Fixed -Colored Max Capes Not Having Max Cape Emote Fixed -Trading Gem Not Allowing Players To Join Ironman Teams Fixed -Skill Point Chat Saying Only 1 Point Received Fixed Shop Updates -Seaweed Added To Ironman Point Store And Fishing Store -Goldsmith Gauntlets Added To Skill Point Gear Store -Ironman Skill Point Store Added -Golden Mining Suit And Dragon Pickaxe Upgrade Lowered At Stardust Store Ironman Point Store Updates -Seaweed Added -Herblore Supplies Added Drop Updates -Rock Crabs, Waterfiends, And Dagganoths Drop Seaweed Miscellaneous Updates -You Can Grab Seaweed From The Nets At Piscatoris -Glassblowing Experience Increased -Skiller Ironmen Get More Ironman Points For Skilling -Herblore Supplies Are Pickpocketable At Level 27 -Pickpocketing The Master Farmer Gives More Seeds -Special Potions Are Made Automatically -Light Orb Replaced With Unpowered Orb In Glassblowing Interface -Purchasing From The Barrows Point Store Counts Towards Minigame Collection Log -You Can Bring Familiars/Pets With You Into Raids -Amount Of Skill Points Received Slightly Increased -Red Warning Text Added When Emptying Inventory -Magic Watering Can, Can Be Added To The Toolbelt -The Bounty Hunter Interface Can Be Toggled In The Tools/Adjustables Quest Tab -Orbs Can Be Charged Using The Magic Spells Directly On An Unpowered Orb -Orbs Can Be Attached To Battlestaffs To Create Elemental Battlestaffs Client Updates -Herblore NPC Right Click Options -Skill Point Store Right Click Options -Magic Watering Can Right Click Options -Toolbelt Interface Extended -Charging Orb Spells Lead To The Inventory Interface
  11. Client Updates -Elite Scroll Box Upgrade Option Removed -Cursor Selection Interface -Settings Interface Adjusted -Tooltips Disabled By Default But Can Be Toggled In Settings -Cursor Customizer Can Be Selected From Settings -You Can Accept Dung/Gambling Invites By Directly Clicking The Chat -Out Of Order Boss Pictures Fixed -Sand Pit Added To Farming Teleport Miscellaneous Updates -The Test Server Gives Slayer, Donator, Dungeoneering, And Prestige Points On Login -Assistance Timer Lowered To 5 Minutes -Aggressive Monsters No Longer Attack If Your Combat Level Is Twice As High As Theirs -Spamming Clue Casket Rewards Causing DC Fixed -Magma Mutagen Replaces Molten Glass For Creating The Magma Blowpipe -Magma Helm And Tanzanite Helm Are Craftable -You Can Invite Players To Raids/Dung Parties With A Right Click Option -Glass Making Can Be Started By Using A Glassblowing Pipe On Molten Glass -Sandpit At Farming Teleport Can Fill Buckets -Soda Ash And A Bucket Of Sand Can Create Molten Glass Using A Furnace Website Updates -Skiller Ironman Hiscores Addded -Hiscores Width Slightly Increased Shop Updates -Rune Pouch Added To Slayer Coin Store -Bucket Added To Farming And Ironman General Store -Glassblowing Pipe Added To Crafting And Ironman General Store Drop Updates -Zulrah Drops Magma Mutagen And Tanzanite Mutagen Bug Updates -Skillers Able To Use Lamps To Train Prayer, Summoning, And Constitution Fixed -Skillers Able To Receive And Use Effigies Fixed -Skillers Able To Enter FFA/Weapon Game Fixed -Instanced NPC's Spawning Inside Of Raids 2 Fixed -Edgeville Dungeon Not Being Wilderness Fixed -Walking Instead Of Running Causing Certain Regions To Ocassionally Not Load Fixed Cache Updates -Additional Cursor Sprites -Tanzanite/Magma Helms And Mutagens Added
  12. Bug Updates -Ability To Enter Warrior's Guild Without Having Tokens Fixed -Developer Filter Backwards In Adjustables Quest Tab Fixed -Master 120 Cape Ava's Effect Not Working Fixed -Some Skills Not Giving Ironman Points Fixed -Skillers Able To Train Summoning And Prayer Fixed -Attack Requirement To Wield Dragon Pickaxes/Hatchets Removed -Inferno Adze Special Effects Working Without Required Levels Fixed -Experience Going Negative Inside Tracker After Reaching 2147m Experience Fixed -Hot And Cold/BlackJack Having Mixed Button Names Fixed Cache Updates -Sumona Map West Of Edgeville Repacked -Iron Skiller Sprite Miscellaneous Updates -Drop Preview Toggleable Added To Adjustables Quest Tab -Skiller Ironman GameMode Added Client Updates -AFK Timer Increased -Boss Pet Interface Renamed -Game Mode Interface Adjusted Website Updates -Skiller Hiscores Added -Hiscores Homepage Body Is Wider Item Updates -Default Value Of Runecrafting Outfit Increased
  13. Bug Updates -Legendary Boxes Giving Regular Box Rewards Sometimes Fixed -Seed Dibber And Rake Being Backwords In Toolbelt Fixed -All-In-One Players Having Extreme Icon In Players Online Interface Fixed -Warrior's Guild Defender Interface Not Showing Up Sometimes Fixed Micellaneous Updates -Mystery Box Reward Giving Is Slightly Faster -"Hide & Seek" In Player Panel Shortened -Limit On Starter Packs You Are Able To Get Removed -Drop Preview Interface For Some Bosses Displays When Entering Certain Areas Cache Updates -Toolbelt Sprites -Starter Interface Sprites -Skiller GameMode Sprite Client Updates -Toolbelt Interface Added -Mystery Box Right Click Options -Bug Tester Icon Fixed -Warriors Guild Interface Adjusted -Drop Preview Interface Adjusted Website Updates -All Skills On Hiscores Go To Level 120 GameMode Updates -Skiller Game Mode Added (No Attacking) -Game Mode/Skill Points/Pet Odds Increased *Ironman - 5% *Extreme - 7.5% *Ultimate Ironman - 10% *Hardcore Ironman - 10% *Extreme Ironman - 15% *All-In-One - 20% *Skiller - 20%
  14. Client Updates -Prayer Overlay Color Changed -Boss Teleport Interface Redesigned -Cntrl To View Stats Fixed -Herb Renamed To T In Boss Teleports Interface -Summoning Tab Interface Updated Cache Updates -Boss Teleport Interface Sprites -Mystery Box Interface Sprites -Summoning Tab Sprites Bug Updates -Completed Raids Showing 1 Number Less Fixed -Hide & Seek Bot Outfit Not Showing Up Fixed -Trident Of The Seas Built In Spell Not Requiring Runes Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Clicking The Special Attack Orb With No Special Attack Weapon Equipped Sends A Message -Animal Masks And Spirit Cape Removed From Legendary Boxes -Regular Mystery Boxes And Legendary Boxes Can Be Opened With A Spinning Interface -Chaos Fanatic Instanced Removed -120 Master Cape Has Ava's Effect -Lonely Island And Waterfall Zone Have A Cap On Amount Of Noted Items Before Needing To Bank
  15. Miscellaneous Updates -Free-For-All Bots Given Task System Instead Of Insta Swapping Weapons -Legendary Mystery Box Does Not Have Duplicate Items -Collection Log Defaults To Abyssal Sire -Raids 1 And Raids 2 Have Seperate Counters For Completed Raids -Minigame Collection Log Added -Raid Floor 1 Rare Rewards Are Only OSRS Raid Rewards -Barrows Chests Give Armor More Frequently -Bolt Racks From Barrows Chests Gives A Stack Of 100 -Graveyard, Pest Control, And Fight Cave Counter Added -Master 120 Cape Can Be Purchased From The Wise Old Man Item Updates -Ghrazi Rapier Stats Buffed Client Updates -Skill Cape Store Right Click Options -120 Master Cape Definitions -Custom Packet For Reading Special Attack Data -Special Attack Orb Added -Scoreboards Interface Extended -Minigame Collection Log Interface Cache Updates -120 Master Cape Model -Special Attack Orb Sprites Combat Updates -Sanguinist/Polypore Default Combat Spell Added
  16. NPC Updates -Lottery Options Added To Gamble NPC -Lottery NPC Removed From Home And ::gamble Client Updates -Gamble NPC Right Click Options -Skilling Boss Models And Definitions -NPC Drop Table Checker Interface Adjusted Miscellaneous Updates -Minimum Amount To Extend Well Of Goodwill With An Item Lowered -Drop Table Interface Shows Most Expensive Items First -Unavailable Events Are Displayed In Red Inside The Quest Panel -Tools Quest Tab Are Alphabatized Bug Updates -Zulrah Scoreboard Showing Players With 0 Seconds Higher Than Other Players Fixed -Infinite Prayer If You Aren't Prestiged Fixed -Profile Viewing Causing Disconnections Fixed -Prestige Benefit Causing Skills To Be Set To Lower Levels Fixed -Veteran Cape Emote Causing Client Freeze Fixed -Third Right Click Option For Objects Causing Disconnection Fixed -Wildywyrm Dropping 1 Throwing Axe Fixed -Leaving Zulrah Mid-fight Causing Players Not Fighting To Get Hit Fixed -Logging Out Allowing Perfect Items To Be Used Again Fixed -Having A Summoning Familiar Out Preventing A New Pet From Unlocking Fixed -Not Being Able To Use Pet Boxes After Receiving All Pets Fixed Item Updates -Raid 2 Items Require 100 Stats Instead of 110 Shop Updates -Coal Bag Added To Voting Store Item Updates -Glacor Boots Stats Buffed
  17. Bug Updates -Saradomin Flasks Unable To Be Made Fixed -Ability To Add Logs Into Fire After The Fire Has Burned Out -Blowpipe And Magma Blowpipe Damage Restriction Removed -Corp Drops On Boss Teleports Not Showing Some Shields Fixed -Master Prayer/Prayer Cape Giving Preventing Prayer Drain After Being Removed Fixed -Master Cape Benefits Not Draining In Barrows/Wilderness Sometimes Fixed -Deleted Objects Not Removing Clipping Fixed -Ability To Leave Raids 2 With Dragonian And Barronian Ore Fixed Drop Updates -Chickens Drop Wimpy Feathers -Necromancer Common Drops Buffed Donator Updates -Each Donator Rank Increases Bank Size By An Extra 50 -Armadyl Crossbow Lowered In Donator Store Miscellaneous Updates -Wildywyrm Loot Message Changed -Max Total Loyalty And 5th Prestige Is Given On Login On The Test Server -Flask Decanter Added To Potion Decanter -Custom Emotes Added For Max And Veteran Capes -Each Prestige For Prayer Makes Your Prayer Drain 1% Less -Each Prestige For Combat Skills Increases The Chance For Lowered Stats To Return In Combat -Persistent Database Connections (Thread-Safe So Less Server Disconnections) Item Updates -Spirit Shield Prices Increased -Twin-Blade Ghost Sword Hits Twice Every Hit -Dragon Dart Given OSRS Stats -Onyx Darts Slightly Nerfed Client Updates -:sob: Emoji -Decanter NPC Right Click Options -"Loading Please Wait" Message Added When Logging In And Changing Regions Cache Updates -Sob Emoji Shop Updates -Perfect Scroll Added To Master Achievement Store -Ironmen Only Have Access To Vials And Pestle And Mortar Inside The Herblore Store -Pikkupstix Shop 1 And 2 Combined
  18. Bug Updates -Prestiging Allowing You To Equip Items At A Lower Level Fixed -Character Locking Upon Changing Character Appearance Fixed -Ranged Ammunition Giving Invisible Strength Bonus Fixed Client Updates -Tooltips No Longer Show For Attacking Players -Box Trap For Sabre-Toothed Kebbit -Right Click Option For Green Nomad Portal Fixed -XP Orb Shows 0 Experience Instead Of Being Blank If Your Experience Hasn't Been Tracked Cache Updates -Farming Timers Added NPC Updates -Wildywyrm Buffed Combat Updates -Toxic/Magma Blowpipe, Twisted Bow, And Armadyl Crossbow Given OSRS Stats -Wearing Saradomin Or Zamorak Prevents Bandits From Stopping Their Aggression -Giant Mole Displays Attack Animations Drop Updates -White Berries Added To Kurask Drops Shop Updates -Pestle And Mortar, Vial Of Water, And Potion Flasks Added To Ironman General Tools Store -Pure Essence Removed From Ironamn General Tools Store Miscellaneous Updates -Kebbit-Teeth Dust Can Be Made By Using Pestle And Mortar On Kebbit-Teeth -Monthly PlayTime Scoreboard Updated -"Craft A Twisted Bow" Achievement Reward Changed To Boss Points -Farming Timers Added Item Updates -Potion Flasks Default Value Increased Skilling Updates -Sabre-Toothed Kebbit Are Huntable At The Trap Area
  19. Hello, I would like to share some different money making guides with everyone here with different difficulty or time requirements so it's friendly for every player. Voting: Yes I know, every server wants you to vote for them; however, voting will also help you out with getting some starter funds to get supplies for other money making methods. If you vote daily (You can vote more then 1 time a day in most cases) You are to receive 7x Vote scrolls. Which is 3.5m. You will also get 7x vote points which you can then buy 7x Crystal Keys with. You can sell those for 21m or try your luck at getting something from the chest. Thats 24.5m just from voting daily. 24.5m+ a day Skilling Smithing: You can smith dart tips for profit, A rune bar is valued at 100k where as the dart tips from 1 bar is 220k. It takes me 30 seconds to smith an inventory of bars into tips. 3,360,000gp profit an inventory, 6,720,000 a minute, 403,200,000 an hour. I dont expect anyone to have the bars to do this for more a few inventories at a time however there are bosses that drop these bars and you can acquire them through smithing and mining so I felt it was worth bringing up some numbers to show the value of rune bars. 3.3m/min Noted runite ore: The ore for noted runite ore is a perk of extreme donor at waterfall. You are able to mine normal rune ore anywhere else however to be super efficient; this ore doesn't require banking which means more time to mine. There are different items to help you be more efficient like the golden mining set giving extra ores, or the mining cape giving increase of speed, and the gilded pickaxe increasing mining speed. Mining with only the gilded dragon pickaxe you can expect to mine around 14 ores a minute at 285,600gp/min. This will put you at 17,136,000gp/hr. Adding a full set of golden mining with masters cape and uber donor you are able to get 68-72 a minute putting your hourly total at 85,680,000gp an hour Pickaxe: 17m/hr Complete set: 86m/hr Barronian/Dragon ore from crashed stars: If you ever see one of these crash in the server notifications always try to mine them up. Dragon ore is 1m/ea and barronian ore is 2m/ea, Usually only takes a few minutes to mine them and you will mine around 15-30 ores from each one. 15m/min however only lasts 1-2 minutes and rare occurrences. Only spawnable if the current star is mined. Magic Logs: Cutting magic logs are about as simple as it gets, putting your profit for cutting logs at 369,222 a minute and 22,153,320gp an hour. Noted magic logs as waterfall would be the best spot for this however you can find magic logs at the woodcutting teleport. 22m/hr Thieving from rune armour stand: Stealing from the rune around stand at donor island will profit you roughly 2m a minute depending on the chances of (g) you get. 100m/hr Stealing Scimmys at home: Thieving is one of the skills most players train for quick cash. Stealing scimmys at home and selling them to the Merchant's store will yield you 543k/min or 32.6m an hour at maximum efficiency. 32.6m/hr Bossing/PvM/Slayer So this is where money making guides get more RnG based then anything. You know that some bosses drop higher valued items as rare drops like Unholy Cursebearer dropping brutal whip which is max cash, or Thegoodybandit Staff boss that drops Deathly Spirit Shield priced at 2b however it could take 1 kill or 300 kills to get the drop you're searching for and making it worthwhile. Whenever you start to boss I would try to maximize your drop rate or make sure the well is on if you're wanting to get a rare drop. Theres different ways to increase your drop rate such as Amulets, Rings, Collector (cape), Donor perks, Well of Wealth, Slayer Perks, Vote Scroll Buffs, and you should use all of these to your advantage if you are able to. If you can kill a boss in 1 minutes with x gear on, and in 2 minutes with a 60% buff on then you're getting less kills an hour but with a higher drop rate chance. Always focus on progressing your armour and weapon for faster kills. The best possible money making method for PvM is farming staff bosses. For this you will need a staffroom token and end game gear, preferably perfect items with potions of banking or to be on a slayer task to use the slayer helmet. Killing any of the staff bosses efficiently (sometimes going back and forth waiting for respawn time for the other) you will make anywhere from 300m+ an hour. Theres 100% chance of coins to drop at 25m-35m a kill NOT including the rares and common drops you will be getting from farming staff bosses. Its smart to save up some darts and use them 5 at a time here to rack in 100m or so 300m+/hr guaranteed (If you can maintain constant kills) Raids 1 For raids 1 for maximum efficiency you will need 91 fishing and cooking for rocktails. You can casually do a raids 1 in about 4 minutes with the chance of getting a unique item on top of very good rolls on skilling supplies. This is also very RNG based however if you can keep the runs short you will see a nice pile of supplies you can sell racking in and even Legendary Mboxes with a chance of nex armour. 60m/hr with no rare drops
  20. Miscellaneous Updates -Drop Simulator Shows All Monsters Over 2k Hitpoints -Skill Points Are Awarded In Quantities From 1-4 -Evil Tree No Longer Hits Player Randomly -Vial Of Water Can Be Emptied -Global Drops Earned Are Displayed In The rare_drops Discord Text Channel -Player Bots No Longer Display In The Clan Chat -Ice Bolt Tips Are Smithable On The Anvil Combat Updates -Giant Mole Gives Direction When He Disappears -Crazy Archaeologist Is Multi Combat Bug Updates -Not Being Able To Logout During Tutorial Fixed -Unable To Use 99 Lamps On Prayer/Constitution Fixed -Ability To Cut Gems Without Chisel Fixed -Raid Floor 1 Showing Equipment After Leaving Fixed -The Kings Task Quest Not Fitting Entirely On Screen Fixed -Master/99 Slayer Cape Giving Too Much Experience Fixed -Facial Hair Showing Through Full Helmets Fixed -Ability To Make/Equip Charos/Perfect Items Without Prestiging Magic Fixed Client Updates -You Can No Longer Change Settings Until After The Tutorial Is Completed -Vial Of Water Right Click Options -Swapping Items In Bank Works Correctly -Prestige Showing /5 If You Are Under Level 120 Fixed -Ice Bolt Tip Models Item Updates -Dragon Hunter Crossbow Stats Slightly Increased Shop Updates -Fury Ornament Kit Increased In Vote Store -Fury (or) Decreased In Vote Store Drop Updates -Potato Cactus Added To Blood Reaver Cache Updates -Potion Of Banking Timer
  21. Bug Updates -Not Being Able To Walk At Certain Spots Fixed -Halloween Masks Showing Hair Through Masks Fixed -Dart Tips (unf) Renamed To Bolts (unf) In Smithing Interface -NPC's Getting Stuck When Attempting To Melee Fixed -Pets Facing The Wrong Way When Following Fixed -Ability To Teleport To Construction Area Without Developer Fixed Shop Updates -Pestle And Mortar Added To Herblore Shop -Dart Tips Removed From Fletching Store -Feathers Added To Fletching Store -Ironman Point Store 2 Items Moved To Ironman Point Store 1 -99 And Experience Lamps Added To Boss Point Store -Unbuyable Onyx Darts Removed From Expert Achievement Shop -Staff Of The Gods And Brutal Whip Added To Master Achievement Store -Bow Of Flames And Zaryte Bow Added To Expert Achievement Store Client Updates -Ironman Point Store 2 Right Click Option Removed -Cntrl To View Stats Displaying During Agility Fixed Cache Updates -Sprites For Vote Scroll Drop Rate/Experience Boost Timers Miscellaneous Updates -Attack Distance Inside Raids Adjusted -Follow Distance For Monsters In Combat Lowered -Path Finding/Clipping While Fighting Monsters Updated -Vote Scroll Drop Rate/Experience Boost Timers Added Drop Updates -Wildywyrm Drops 50 Morrigan's Throwing Axes
  22. Bug Updates -Not Being Able To Walk At Certain Spots Fixed -Halloween Masks Showing Hair Through Masks Fixed -Dart Tips (unf) Renamed To Bolts (unf) In Smithing Interface -NPC's Getting Stuck When Attempting To Melee Fixed -Pets Facing The Wrong Way When Following Fixed -Ability To Teleport To Construction Area Without Developer Fixed Shop Updates -Pestle And Mortar Added To Herblore Shop -Dart Tips Removed From Fletching Store -Feathers Added To Fletching Store -Ironman Point Store 2 Items Moved To Ironman Point Store 1 -99 And Experience Lamps Added To Boss Point Store -Unbuyable Onyx Darts Removed From Expert Achievement Shop -Staff Of The Gods And Brutal Whip Added To Master Achievement Store -Bow Of Flames And Zaryte Bow Added To Expert Achievement Store Client Updates -Ironman Point Store 2 Right Click Option Removed -Cntrl To View Stats Displaying During Agility Fixed Cache Updates -Sprites For Vote Scroll Drop Rate/Experience Boost Timers Miscellaneous Updates -Attack Distance Inside Raids Adjusted -Follow Distance For Monsters In Combat Lowered -Path Finding/Clipping While Fighting Monsters Updated -Vote Scroll Drop Rate/Experience Boost Timers Added Drop Updates -Wildywyrm Drops 50 Morrigan's Throwing Axes
  23. Drop Updates -Wildywyrm Always Drops Coins -Jungle Strykewyrms And Moss Giants Drop Yew Roots -Blue Dragons And Baby Blue Dragons Drop Dragon Scales -Hobgoblins And Cockatrice Drop Morchella Mushrooms -Goats Drop Desert Goat Horn Bug Updates -Pet T Showing As Pet Herb Fixed -Duo Slayer Causing No Experience Gain Sometimes Fixed -Attempting To Renew A Pet Causing Worldwide Issues To Other Players Fixed -Extending The Well Of Wealth Giving Less Minutes Fixed -Saradomin Brew Flasks Not Being Craftable Fixed -Adding Multiple Drop Rate Scrolls On Top Of Each Other Fixed -Leech Messages Getting Sent When They Shouldn't Fixed NPC Updates -Wallasalki Added To Dagganoth/Aquanite Zone -Grenwalls Added To Hunter Trap Area -Goats Added To Pollnivneach Shop Updates -Pestle And Mortar Added To Crafting Store -Rune pouch Added To Slayer Point Store Miscellaneous Updates -Quest Panel And Drop Simulator Reflect Well Of Wealth Rates -Drop Rate Boosts Effect The Shooting Star Giving Barrownian And Dragonian Ore -Players Movement Clipping Updated -Dragon Scale Dust Can Be Made By Using A Pestle And Mortar On Blue Dragon Scales -Goat Horn Dust Can Be Made By Using A Pestle And Mortar On Desert Goat Horn -Hunter Cape Message Added To ::filter -Grenwalls Are Huntable At 77 Hunter Client Updates -AFK Timer Increased To 30 Minutes -Rune Pouch Interface Adjusted -Raids Interface -City Teleport To Pollnivneach Cache Updates -Raid Interface Sprite
  24. Bug Updates -Superior Tetsu Helm Missing From Callisto Collection Log Fixed Client Updates -AFK Timer Lowered To 15 Minutes -New Packets For Adjusting Scroll Bar -Shopping Interface Completely Re-Worked -reee/Reee And pepe/Pepe Emojies Added Miscellaneous Updates -Cannon At Night-Gazer And Ironman Theif Disabled -Each Store Supports Unlimited Items -Inspecting The Gem Bag Is Sent As 2 Messages Instead Of One Cache Updates -New Emojies Website Updates -Highscores Shows Amount Of Times Prestiged In That Skill
  25. NPC Updates -Santa Removed From Home -Skotizo Stats Lowered Client Updates -Herb Renamed To T -Snow Removed -Noted Hell Puppy Bones Name Changed -Well Of Goodwill/Wealth Right Click Options -Skilling Outfit Storage Interface Miscellaneous Updates -Terror Dogs Are Multi-Combat -Every 1000 Kills A Global Message Is Displayed -Partyhats Are Sellable To The General Store -Operating The Slayer Helm Teleports You To Your Master If You Aren't On Task -Using An Item On Your Pet Again Adds It To The "Always Pick Up" List -Tutorial Updated -Barrows, Clue, And Fight Points Added To Statistics Quest Tab -Well Of Goodwill/Wealth Pets Can Contribute/Extend Directly From The Pet -Pet Interface Displays All Pet Effects -Skilling Outfit Storage Interface Added To Quest Panel Bug Updates -Clues Completed Not Saving Upon Logout Fixed -Instances Occasionally Removing NPC's Before You Teleport Inside Fixed -AFK Timer Not Removing Players If They're In Combat Fixed Forum Updates -Pet Effects Guide Updated
  26. Animosity - Hours: 707 - Minutes: 55 - Seconds: 54 Brisingr1304 - Hours: 220 - Minutes: 4 - Seconds: 52 Realy - Hours: 186 - Minutes: 58 - Seconds: 33 Snipermikey - Hours: 155 - Minutes: 35 - Seconds: 2 Manund - Hours: 144 - Minutes: 45 - Seconds: 13 T - Hours: 120 - Minutes: 42 - Seconds: 16 Iron B - Hours: 120 - Minutes: 15 - Seconds: 26 Pure Exp - Hours: 55 - Minutes: 23 - Seconds: 5 Pieterp3 - Hours: 51 - Minutes: 23 - Seconds: 7 Goodys Alt - Hours: 44 - Minutes: 53 - Seconds: 48 Herman - Hours: 40 - Minutes: 52 - Seconds: 1 Pacco - Hours: 35 - Minutes: 41 - Seconds: 28 Madsi2009 - Hours: 35 - Minutes: 10 - Seconds: 20 Sky - Hours: 30 - Minutes: 42 - Seconds: 6 B - Hours: 29 - Minutes: 19 - Seconds: 25 Speedy - Hours: 28 - Minutes: 54 - Seconds: 21 Cjpb1234 - Hours: 28 - Minutes: 40 - Seconds: 18 Erik - Hours: 27 - Minutes: 34 - Seconds: 28 Extreme Bean - Hours: 26 - Minutes: 48 - Seconds: 31 Rngless - Hours: 22 - Minutes: 6 - Seconds: 0 Worn Sword - Hours: 21 - Minutes: 30 - Seconds: 3 Dalton - Hours: 20 - Minutes: 32 - Seconds: 28 Revolant - Hours: 19 - Minutes: 53 - Seconds: 18 Onelife - Hours: 18 - Minutes: 48 - Seconds: 52 Bcsridge - Hours: 17 - Minutes: 57 - Seconds: 44 Mystery Oreo - Hours: 17 - Minutes: 39 - Seconds: 0 Iron Noob - Hours: 15 - Minutes: 57 - Seconds: 37 James Bond - Hours: 14 - Minutes: 51 - Seconds: 27 Germ - Hours: 14 - Minutes: 37 - Seconds: 21 Immortal - Hours: 11 - Minutes: 59 - Seconds: 14 Halphas - Hours: 10 - Minutes: 15 - Seconds: 24
  27. Bug Updates -Monster Attacks Interrupting Tutorial Fixed -Potion Of Banking Not Restarting On Login Fixed -Charming Imp/Bonecrusher Giving Experience And Leaving Bones On The Ground Fixed -Well Of Goodwill/Wealth Timers Not Refreshing When Re-filled Fixed -View Profile Overlapping Req. Assistance Right Click Fixed -Summoning Cape Giving Too Much Bonus Experience Towards Charming Imp Fixed Client Updates -Graveyard Minigame Interface Adjusted -Collection Log Interface -Staff Of The Dead Models Updated -Slayer Pet Name And Model Changed -Summoning Pet Models -Treasure Island NPC's Renamed -Well Of Goodwill/Wealth Pet Models/Definitions Miscellaneous Updates -Collection Log System Added -Magic Fang And Staff Of The Dead Creates The Toxic Staff Of The Dead -Dragon And Barrows Ore Are Mined Faster -Summoning Pet Is Obtainable -Well Of Goodwill/Wealth Pets Are Obtainable -Hell Puppy Slayer Teleport Changed -On Raids Floor One You Spawn With Feathers In Your Inventory Item Updates -Default Value Of Night-gazer Icons Increased -Default Value Of Blood And Death Talisman Increased Shop Updates -Staff Room Tokens Added To Vote, Boss, And Donator Store -Extend Task Scrolls Added To Slayer Store Drop Updates -Zamorak Drops The Staff Of The Dead -Deadly Red Spiders Drop Spider Eggs -Cows Drop Chocolate Dust -Aberrant Spectre's Drop Jangerberries -Blood Reavers Drop The Blood Talisman -Cockatrice Drops Cockatrice Eggs
  28. Updated to reflect certain changed in a game update!
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