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  2. Client Updates -Items Over 30k Can Be Unequipped From The Equipment Interface -Sprites Added Above Most Stores -Abyssal Sire Map Is Accessible -Music Causing The Client To Crash Is Fixed -Ground Item Text Gets Disabled If Your Cache Doesn't Have The ItemDefinition -Great Island Of Kourand Maps Entirely Added -Interface Packet Size Increased To Support Adding More Interfaces Without Overwriting Existing Ones -Raids Interface Updated -Custom Texture Support Added Miscellaneous Updates -Trivia Questions Can Support Multiple Answers -Minigame Teleports Interface Is Slightly More Optimized -Port Sarim Teleported Moved -Callisto Teleport Moved To Deeper Wilderness -Demonic Gorilla Teleport Changed -Achievement Interface Loads Faster -Deal Damage Achievements No Longer Show Up In The Chat -Demonic Gorilla Spawns Added Bug Updates -New Accounts Unable To Get Past Tutorial Fixed -Not Being Able To Smith On The Smithing Pet Fixed -Examining NPC's Not Opening Drop Interface Fixed -Right Click Options Inside Interfaces Not Working Fixed -Dagganoth Map Area Fixed -Unable To Fight Instanced Nex Fixed -Unable To Claim Vote Scrolls Fixed Cache Updates -Cache Folder Updated To Be More Organized -Raids/Party Interface Sprites
  3. Client Updates -Some Building Doors Removed -General Wartface And Bentnoze Given Right Click Options -Aggie The Witch Models Updated -Discord Rich Presence Added -Client Supports OSRS On Top Of 317, 667, And 552 -Daily Reward Interface Colors Adjusted -Drop Simulator Interface Updated -Pet Manager Customization Buttons Doesn't Randomly Change Colors -Account Password Saves Every Time You Log Out -Fossil Island Maps Loaded -Hovering Over Your Cannon Shows Your Remaining Balls -Fog Is Disabled By Default -Inferno Teleport Added To Minigames Teleports Cache Updates -OSRS 192 Data Added (Models, Animations, Sounds, And Maps) NPC Updates -Goblins Added To Goblin Village -Aggie The Witch Added To Draynor Village Bug Updates -Free-For-All Interface Not Displaying Correctly Fixed -Multiple Achievements Spamming Chatbox Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -When You Reach Level 99 You Recieve A Message Displaying The Amount Of Prestige Points You Can Get -Mystery Box Gives 250-500k Each Time You Open The Box -Global Item Spawns Added -Achievement Interface Loads Slightly Faster -When Giving Assistance To Someone Your Character Is Locked In Place NPC Updates -Kraken, Cerberus, And Smoke Devils Are Moved To The OSRS Location Shop Updates -Gem Bag Removed From The Crafting Store And Ironman Point Store -Gem Bag Added To Stardust Shop -Coal Bag Price Reduced In Stardust Shop
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