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    • Bug Updates -PK Bots Attempting To Use The Wrong Prayer Fixed -PK Bots Counting Towards Total Players In Wilderness Fixed -Unequippable Dung Items Not Being Added To The Inventory Fixed -Gambling Interface Setting Items Scroll Bar At The Bottom Fixed -Price Checker Not Showing Green Text For Over 10m Fixed -Bots Not Respawning After Getting Disconnected Fixed Client Updates -Stat Adjustments Removed From Curses Interface -Torment And Anguish Added To Curses Interface -Third/Fourth Click Options For Objects Fixed -Player Owned Shops Redesigned -Achievements Interface Adjusted -Toolbelt Interface Extended And Use/Remove Options Added -Charming Imp, Herbicide, And Seedicide Right Click Options -Vote Box Definitions -Mystery Box Interface Adjusted -The Spec Orb Is Only Clickable On Fixed Screen On The Actual Orb -Dexterous/Arcane Prayer Scroll Definitions Drop Updates -Occult Necklace Is Slightly More Common -Handcannon And Dragon Pickaxe Are Slightly More Common From Chaos Dwogres Shop Updates -Donator Scrolls Lowered In Vote Point Store -Demented Spirit Shield Added To Master Achievement Store Miscellaneous Updates -Rare Exclusives From Raids Floor 1 Are More Common -Grand Exchange Is Functional -Gambling Interface Re-Enabled -Items From The Toolbelt Can Be Removed -Spade, Charmping Imp, Seedicide, And Herbicide Can Be Added To The Toolbelt -Voting Has A Chance To Give A Vote Box -Dexterous/Arcane Prayer Scrolls Added To Raid 1 Rewards -Rigour And Augury Prayers Require Dexterous/Arcane Prayer Scrolls To Be Read Before Activation -Rag And Bone Man Gives 2 Experience Lamps -When A Skilling Boss Spawns A Global Message Is Sent In-game And On The Discord Bot Cache Updates -Torment And Anguish Sprites -Player Owned Shops Sprites -Camelot Map Repacked -Dexterous/Arcane Prayer Scroll Models
    • Item Updates -Hell Puppy Bones Give Base Value -Holy Elixer Value Lowered -Blessed Spirit Shield Value Increased Shop Updates -Hell Puppy Bones Noted In Master Achievement Store -Investigator Added To Skill Point Store Bug Updates -Dragon Clawz Not Having A Spec Fixed -Skiller GameModes Not Displaying GameMode Name When Reaching Level 99 Or 120 Fixed -Pest Control Bots Getting Stuck At Home Occassionally Fixed -Migrating Hosts At Raids Sometimes Resetting Progress Fixed -Kuradal Spelled Wrong In Some Places Fixed -Auto Stealing From Stalls Allowing 1 Tick Thieving Fixed -Attempting To Add Over 2147m In A Trade Causing An Overflow Fixed Combat Updates -Uncle Vlad's Bloodlust Can Be Blocked By Protecting Melee -Poisonous Zulrah Clouds Spawn At Zulrah -Zulrah Automatically Respawns When Completing It Solo Cache Updates -Extreme Skiller Ironman Icon Added Client Updates -Icon Around Player Heads Re-Arranged -Shadow Removed From Non-Fixed Client Clan Chat Messages Website Updates -Main Hiscores Table Widened -Extreme Skiller Ironman Hiscores Added Miscellaneous Updates -More Ironman Points Are Earned From Skilling -PK Bots Added To Edgeville Wilderness -Mage's Book Removed From Mystery Boxes -Weapon Accuracy Formulas Adjusted -Hide And Seek Spawn Times Are Randomized
    • the first picture is taken at home. From here you wanna go to the west Then you go to the place on the picture below. Here u can train thieving from level 1 all the way to level 99. from the bananas at the left to the scimitars at the right. If ur inv is full u can sell it at the guy with the red hat. If you get 99 thieving u can prestige thieving, if you do this 3 times you can use auto-steal. This could help you alot. good luck and have fun!  
    • Bug Updates -Loyalty Point Bonus Not Working For Extreme Skiller Ironmen And All-In-One Players Fixed -Weapon Game Bots Starting Games Without Other Players Fixed -Godwars Dungeon NPC's Losing Aggression Fixed -Prestiging Making Prayer Drain Too Fast Fixed -Piety, Rigour, And Augory Staying Highlighted If You Don't Have Requirements To Use It Fixed -Prestiging Prayer Causing Unlimited Prayer Fixed -Needing $1 More Than Required To Hunt Ferret Fixed -Zulrah Teleport Not Leading To Zul-Andrah Docks Fixed -Magic Log Skilling Boss Dropped Un-noted Yews Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Hide & Seek Bot Added To Discord game_events -Fighter Torso Removed From Legendary Boxes -On Death At Zulrah Your Items Can Be Purchased From The Row Boat At Zul-Andrah Cache Updates -Emoji's Added To Sprites Directory -Edited Vorkath Map Packed -Vorkath Model Drop Updates -Nex Drops Virtus Wand Client Updates -:pepega: Emoji -:kappa: Emoji -:pogchamp: Emoji -:fmg: Emoji -All Skeletons Wearing Party Hats On The Ground Removed -Zulrah Row Boat Right Click Options -Vorkath Definitions -Boss Teleport Interface Extended -Virtus Wand Definitions Item Updates -Drygore Default Value Increased
    • Bug Updates -Requesting Assistance Doesn't Count Towards HP, Prayer, Or Summoning -Walkable Interfaces Overlapping With Tutorial Dialogue Fixed -Hide And Seek Bot Not Showing Outfit Fixed -New Players Trade Screen Interrupting The Tutorial Fixed -Defensive Casting For Magic Spells Not Giving Defence Experience Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Zulrah Teleport Takes You To Zul-andrah Docks -::prestige/prestiging Commmands Added To Open Prestige Guide -Host Migration Added To Raids Parties Greater Than 1 -Hide & Seek In Player Panel Is Clickable For Some Direction Weapon Game Updates -Weapon Game Completely Re-written (More Stable) -New Weapons Added -Weapon Game Bots Added Client Updates -Zul-andrah Objects Removed And Row Boat Right Click -Cut Option Removed From Evil Tree Kindling Shop Updates -Looting Bag Added To Boss Point Store
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