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    • Bug Updates -Superheat Spell Giving Too Many Pets FIxed -Dragon Ore Taking Too Long To Mine Outside The Skilling Area Fixed -Only Able To Buy 200k Items At Once Fixed -Unable To Access Anvil In The Wilderness Skilling Fixed -Ironmen Can Purchase Items From The Herblore Store While Inside Raids -Check Option On Crystal Bag Adding To Toolbelt Fixed -Unable To Mine Copper Inside Wilderness Skilling Area Fixed -Farming Clue Scroll Location Updated To The New Farming Area Miscellaneous Updates -Achievement Stores Can Be Viewed Without The Required Number Of Points -Currency Is Formatted While Viewing Stores -Outfit Storage Holds Runecrafting Staffs And Outfits Client Updates -Outfit Storage Interface Extended -ZMI Altar Added To Wilderness Skilling Area
    • Miscellaneous Updates -At Prestige 10 Firemaking You Can Light Noted Logs -At Prestige 20 Smithing You Smelt Bars At 2 Ticks -At Prestige 40 Smithing You Smelt Bars At 1 Tick -At Prestige 25 Prayer You Can Offer Noted Bones At Altars -At Prestige 10 Crafting You Can Cut Noted Gems -You Can Teleport To Your Custom Home From The Quest Tab Menu -Herb Sack Can Be Added To The Toolbelt -Skilling Bosses Only Give Items At The End Client Updates -Willow And Normal Log Skilling Boss Added -Dragonian And Barronian Ore Added To Wilderness Skilling Area -Herb Sack Right Click Options Shop Updates -Max Limit For Buying Items Increased To 500k Per Purchase -You Can Spend More Than 2147m At Once When Purchasing Items Bug Updates -Some Master Capes Not Allowing Prestige Benefits Fixed -Some Skill Capes Not Giving Double XP On Project Mode Fixed -Selecting Game Modes Showing The Wrong Name Fixed -Hide And Seek Bot No Longer Moves -Crystal Bag Check Option Doesn't Try To Add To The Toolbelt -Prestige Arrow Saving Not Working After Prestige 5 Fixed -Whirlpool Spawning On Top Of Evil Tree Fixed -Total Wealth Scoreboard Displaying Wrong Amount Fixed -Superheat Not Working On Some Ores Fixed
    • Cache Updates -Project Mode Icon -Farming Map Re-Packed Bug Updates -Looting Bag Collecting Items While Inside Bank Fixed -Objects Inside Wilderness Area Not Clickable Fixed -Raids Sometimes Not Dropping Rare Items Fixed -Farming Not Counting Secateurs Fixed -Some Noted Ores In The Waterfall Zone Not Working Sometimes Fixed -Instances Removing NPC's Fixed -Woad Seeds Giving Asgarnian Ale Fixed -Smithing Bars Automatically Choosing The Lowest Bar Fixed -Random Events Overwriting Eachother Fixed Client Updates -Farming Objects Added -Farming Items Right Click Options -Client Settings Save To .txt For Easier Access -New Packet For Reading Venom Data -Summoning Obelisk, Copper, Iron, And Mithril Ore Added To Wilderness Skilling Area Miscellaneous Updates -Custom Farming System Added -Master Farmer Can Be Pickpocketed For Tree Seeds -Venom Added -Master Farmer Added To Farming Area -Answering Trivia Or Teleporting Resets The Max Noted For Mining -Coal Bag Accepts Noted Coal -Prestige 15 Mining Makes All Ores 1 Tick Faster -Prestige 25 Mining Makes All Ores 2 Ticks Faster -Prestige 25 Magic/Smithing Superheat Spell Takes Noted Ores -Vorkath Base Added (Under Construction : No Drops)
    • Gjlzpypbw ремонт оправы воздушные шары с доставкой москва водосток труба металлическая готовые очки с диоптриями бра купить оптом
    • Combat Updates -Chinchompa's Show Projectiles For All Monsters Hit Bug Updates -Some Monsters Not Respawning Fixed -Nomad Instance Not Working Sometimes Fixed -Multiple Bosses Spawning In Instanced Areas Fixed -Hide & Seek Bot Doesn't Clip Through Walls -Trading Dupe And Items Disappearing From Trades Fixed -Aggression Potion Showing 10 Extra Seconds Fixed -Having Prestige 10 Cooking Preventing Cooking Pet From Being Used Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Wilderness Resource Area Added -Daggonoth Boss Teleports Updated -Inside The Wilderness Items Picked Up Automatically Get Placed Into Looting Bag -Refer A Friend System Added -Gem Bag, Bonecrushers, And Magic Secateurs Can Be Added To The Toolbelt Client Updates -Teleport Interface Extended -Right Click Options For Gem Bag, Bonecrushers, And Magic Secateurs Cache Updates -Wilderness Skilling Map
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