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    • Client Updates -Usernames Are No Longer Displayed Above The Head By Default -The Toggle For Usernames Above The Head Also Toggles The Player Rank/GameMode Icon Above The Head -Toggle To Disable HP/Prayer Overlay Added To Settings Interface -Local Anasthetic And Painkiller Models -Auto Cache Downloader Starts Before Auto Client Downloader -Music And Sounds Levels Are Saved On Logout -Vote Reward Models -Colored Slayer Helmets -Bri Renamed To Manund Miscellaneous Updates -Each Donator Rank Increases The Length Of Degradable Items By 20% -Skilling Pets Give 50% Bonus Experience -When Using The Make-Over Mage Your Character Is Locked Until You Press The Confirm Button Bug Updates -Ability To Metamorphis Others Zulrah/Chinchompa Pets Fixed -Brawling Gloves Working On Any Skill Fixed -Zulrah Pet Causing DC Fixed -Death Slayer Master First Click Option Not Working Fixed -Some Monsters Not Respawning On Death Fixed Ironman Store Updates -Colored Mystic Removed -Rune Set Added -Black D' Hide Set Added Drop Updates -Local Anasthetic And Painkillers Added To Dr. Potato's Drop Table -KBD Head Added To King Black Dragon Drops -KQ Head Added To Kalphite Queen Drops -Abyssal Head Added To Abyssal Demon Drops -Dark Claw Added To Skotizo Drops Item Updates -Raids 2 Weapons Buffed -Ancestral Buffed Shop Updates -Holy Elixer Added To Boss Point, Donator Store, And Vote Store
    • Bug Updates -Daily Task Message In Quest Panel Fixed -Raids Causing DC After All Possible Bosses Were Completed Fixed -Quest Tab Showing Quests One Button Higher Than They Should Be Fixed -Duplicate Pets Being Automatically Summoned If You Aren't Using A Familiar Fixed -Too Many Clues Given From Slayer Fixed -Clue Scroll Counter Message Being Sent On Casket Opening Instead Of Casket Receiving Fixed -Entire Stack Of Stackable Items Kept On Death Fixed -Global Boss Kill Dropping On The Ground In Raids/Dung Fixed -Dropped Items Instantly Disappearing Inside Raids Fixed -Combat Pathing At Zulrah And Raids Fixed -Inability To Get More Scroll Boxes, Limited From Singularis Fixed -Message Displaying Double And Triple Kill Rewards At The Same Time Fixed -Additional Items Not Dropping Every 100/1000 Killed Fixed -Item Donations Greater Than 2147m To Well Of Goodwill And Wealth Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -Double Donator Points Disabled -Pest Control Bots -Pathing Updated -Free-For-All And Pest Control Bots Given More Realistic Names -Dungeoneering, Clanchat, And Preset Names Can Have At Least One Character -If The Gatestone In Dung Is Not Dropped Then The Portal Teles You To The Owner Of The Party -Sundays Give Double Vote Scrolls And Trivia Points -All Pets Give A 5% Drop Rate Bonus Towards The NPC You Got The Pet From -Looting Bag Always Disappears On Death -Looting Bag Contents Drop On The Ground On Death Item Updates -Crystal Key Base Value Lowered -Javelin Base Value Increased -Blessed Saradomin Sword Buffed -Saradomin's Tear Given Base Value Shop Updates -Items In Ironman Point Store Lowered -Javelins Added To Ranged Ammunition Shop Drop Updates -Dr. Potato Drops Candies More Frequently Client Updates -Extra Grain Sack At Raids 2 Removed Raid Updates -On Login Raids Only Moves You Home If You Logged Out During A Raid -On Completion Of A Raid You Are Moved To The Reward Area -To Hit The Rare Ultra Rare Drop Table At Raids 2 You Need To Do At Least 1/25 Of The Total Damage Required
    • Bug Updates -Ironmen Only Able To Become Ironman Partners With The Same GameMode Fixed -Experience Rates Not Reflecting Boosts Fixed -Ability To Sell Items To Ironman Point Store Fixed -Elite Clues Hints Sometimes Appearing For Not Elite Clues Fixed -Boss Pets Not Counting Towards Unlock Pets Achievement Fixed -Potion Of Banking Not Saving On Logout Fixed Graveyard Minigame Updates -Zomboy The Zombie Not Doubling Fragments Fixed -Double Fragments For The 100th Kill Not Working Fixed -All Zombies Giving The Same Amount Of Fragments Fixed -Items In Zombie Fragment Store Price Increased Miscellaneous Updates -Legendary Mystery Global Chat Changed -Skill Cape Store Added To Dungeoneering Area -More Ironman Points Are Given From Skilling -Projectile Pathing And Region Clipping While Attacking Re-Written Shop Updates -Items In Ironman Point Store Cost Half As Much -Aggression Potion Added To Loyalty And Vote Store Item Updates -Lily Of The Valley Given Value -Party Hat & Specs Given Value Raid Updates -Bosses On Floor 2 Can Only Spawn Once And After You Kill Every Boss Once They Can Spawn Again -Inside A Dungeon Items Dropped On The Ground Show Up Instantly -Floor One Kills Left To Complete Message Changed -An Additional Grain Of Sand Was Added To The Final Area On The "No Consumables" Floor Of Raids Combat Updates -Dr. Potato Nerfed -Full Justiciar Gives 15% Absorb Damage Bonus Against NPC's Client Updates -Pet Interface Additional Dialogue Added For Insurance -Aggression Potion Models -Grain Of Sands At Raids Pet Updates -Duplicate Pets Give The Pet Scroll Instead Of 25m -On Death Your Pet Will Be Removed From Your Account Completely If It Is Not Insured -Pet Insurance Can Be Purchased For 20m Multiplied By The Rarity (1-5 Rarity Levels)
    • Bug Updates -Looting Bag Wrong Value Fixed -Slayer Master Giving Wrong Location For Basilisks Fixed -Freminnik Incorrect Spelling Fixed -Quest Tab Removing Players Online Count Fixed -Diamond Partyhat Incorrect Value Fixed -Random Message Being Sent Fixed -Hexhunter Bow Turning Into Wrong Item In Dung Fixed -All-In-One Icon Not Turning To Ironman Symbol Until Logout Fixed -Dungeoneering Showing Wrong Experience Rate In Chat Fixed -Maple Shortbow Make 10 Option Requiring Wrong Level Fixed -Knifes Giving 1 Instead Of 5 When Smithing Fixed -Woodcutting Daily Tasks Fixed -Monsters Hitting Through Walls Fixed Shop Updates -$10 Donator Scroll Added To Skill Point Store And Boss Point Store -Donator Scrolls Added To Donator Store Miscellaneous Updates -Trivia Happens More Often -Ability To Choose Slayer Task Increased From 1 Per Day Per Prestige To 2 -Opening A Clue Scroll Casket Tells You How Many You've Completed -Every 25 Dungeons Completed A Message Is Sent Globally -Ultimate Ironmen And All-In-One Can Have A Trading Partner With The Same GameMode If The IP Addresses Are Different -Prayer And Constitution Announce Globally As 99 Instead Of 990 Combat Updates -Harlakk, Ballak, And Tokash Nerfed Website Updates -All-In-One Highscores Added -Clue Scroll Location Guide Updated -Pet Effects Guide Added To Knowledge Base Section
    • Skill Pets - 25% Experience Boost While Summoned Automatically Picking Up Items (See pickup weight: http://projectsin.net/forums/index.php?/topic/104-pet-item-pickup-weight/)   Kahlua The Clue Scroll - Unlimited Teleports To Your Clue Locations Zomboy The Zombie - Double Fragments In The Graveyard Minigame
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